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Last time we saw the Oogie Boogie Ducky, he had his base color, a few stitches, and a worm horn. If you missed the first part of the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie duck, go flip through that post. Without seeing the first part, this second part will make very little sense. What you will need Hot glue Half complete ducky Black paint Glow in the dark paint Sharpie Paint brush Parchment paper to set
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This absolutely awesome little ducky looks just like Oogie Boogie, which is quite a step up from his old ducky form. Complete with a little worm tongue, this creepy duck is super fun to make and a great addition to any bathtub. Make sure to seal him good before taking him for a swim. What you will need Tan paint Black paint Brushes Hot glue gun Patience Strong glue Yellow paint Sponge brush ducky Painting
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Last time we saw this little pony, it was about half finished, with painted hooves, fur, and mane. If you missed out on part 1, go check it out before reading this post, as this post will make little sense without reading that one first. If you already read that post, this post will be the finish. What you will need The paint in white, pink, purple, and black Paintbrushes Dotting Tools Patience Spray Sealant
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Not all reapers have to be scary skeletal demons. This cute little LPS Customs Cute Doggy Death is absolutely adorable. He started off as a boring German Shepherd and now he is a collector of souls. This custom was very easy with a very limited color pallete. What you will need White paint Black paint Fine paint brushes Pink paint Pink metallic acrylic Green paint Dotting tools Scissors A little black cloth Superglue Covering your
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Being a mermaid is an entirely different swimming experience than swimming with your legs free. But mermaids in training face a difficult question—What kind of tail is the best for them? In this post, we will discuss both fabric and silicone tails, and their pros and cons, as well as some fabric tail brands that are well known for mermaids new to the hobby. Some cool fabric tail brands Suntails Finfun Aquamermaids Finfolk Some Cool
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Last time we worked on this adorable little ice cream puppy  LPS Custom, he had his base color, his eyes, and his ears ready to go. Even with all of these improvements, this little puppy still has a long way to go. In this second part, we will finish him and make him an adorable little accessory. What you will need next White paint Brown paint Paintbrush Puffy paints Another German Shepherd Press n seal,
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Finally little Neo gets to be brought to an LPS Custom. This little puppy is one of my first and favorite original characters, and he is made of ice cream. Neo is named after Neapolitan ice cream, which he so happens to be made of. He’s mostly pink with little waffle cone ears. Feel free to take this tutorial and make a character of your own based on his paint work. What you will need
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Fleece blankets are so cuddly and easy to make. This is a great starter project to teach kids how to make blankets and can even turn into a basic sewing lesson on a machine. The kit I chose was a Harry Potter set I found outside Joanne Fabrics, however of course you could just as easily buy the fabrics separately and make this blanket completely your own. What you will need A blanket kit or
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Sometimes your Old LPS or your dolls get dirty, and the plastic can stubbornly hold onto stains and dirt. But fear not, as cleaning them can be really easy and not at all harmful to the pets. Here is some ways to clean and disinfect your old LPS or new additions from Ebay that definitely need some love. What you will need Toothbrush Gojo Baking soda Dish soap Eye makeup remover in a bottle Acetone
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Scenery can either be fun to paint or it can be complicated and annoying. This particular painting is on a big foamboard, so be sure to wear an apron and be prepared to use a lot of paint. The biggest part of painting this scene is not to overthink or overblend your colors. What you will need Foamboard Foam brush Normal flat brush Blue acrylic paint in a couple shades White acrylic paint Yellow paint
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