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DIY Dragon Nerd part 2

Posted by Torch on January 16, 2019
Category: animals, Clay, kawaii
So, you have made this pretty little DIY Dragon that looks pretty good… but the more you look at it, the more disappointing it looks to you. I believe that if you are dissatisfied with your art, that you should keep trying and trying and force your art to be the best it can be. I decided to try a new method I have yet to try, and that is re-baking a piece that was

DIY Dragon Nerd Part one

Posted by Torch on January 14, 2019
Category: animals, Clay, kawaii
Here on Corrupted Crafts, we love our dragons. This dragon is supposed to be a little music loving dragon, and some new techniques were used. If you have not yet made the dragon base from last week, do not continue this project as that base is needed for making this little guy. Plan to spend a good chunk at the crafting table for this one, this dragon took about 4 hours to make. What you
Polymer Clay Dragons can be pretty tricky to make in one bake. By thinking of the design of your dragon and the position he will be in and making a Polymer Clay Dragon base for him, he will be much easier to sculpt. This is a fast and easy way to sculpt a plain base to work from, and bakes in thirty minutes. What you will need Plain white or scrap polymer clay Wire Pliers

Miniature Polymer Clay Dragon

Posted by Torch on January 7, 2019
Category: Clay, Quick Crafts
Tiny things are always so adorable, and dragons are always in style. In this tutorial, you will learn how to sculpt your own teeny tiny Miniature Polymer Clay Dragon just big enough to have his own piece of popcorn. This little friend is less than half an inch tall, and a very curious dragon. What you will need Steady hands Polymer clay in any color and black Dotting tool Oven Pan for clay Visualizing the
Mermaiding can be super fun and a fantastic way to get exercise. However, mermaid tails can be a pain to drag to the waterside. Even fabric mermaid tails can be large and awkward to carry. But with a bit of cloth and a sewing machine, you can easily make a Mermaid Tail Diy Bag custom to your tail in particular that can be thrown on your back on your way out the door. What you