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I was sent a free Glam Bag from my mother who uses Ipsy, and it was super cool. This was what I got and how I used it as part of my crafts. What is a Glam Bag? Glam bags are fantastic little makeup pouches with samples of makeup inside by Ipsy. They come in a fabulous monthly subscription for as little as 10 dollars and are prefect for young teens or even just people
HWhat is better than real sushi? The kind you can wear. This little Polymer Clay Sushi Plate even has tiny chopsticks to go with it and is totally perfect for a pendant or phone charm. What you will need Dotting tools Exacto Hands Sculpey sample set Sally Hansen’s hard as nails Making the Cucumbers For the cucumbers in the middle of the sushi roll, mix a little lime green with translucent Sculpey. Mix well. Roll
 Dollhouse things can be fun and realistic, but most dollhouse electronics are expensive or have to be bought online. Here are three dollhouse sized electronics to make at home with your printer What you will need This template Clear packing tape Cardboard Scissors Glue or glue stick   Printing your Template for your Dollhouse Electronic Start off by downloading and printing up the Dollhouse Electronics Template, which has everything you will need already on it.
On the hunt for Bill Cipher? This easy, fun, and creative project will help you on the go to write down notes or sketch drawings. What you will need Red paint Gold paint Black nail polish Unicorn skin flakey nail polish Set of markers or pencils Paintbrush Red fabric Hot glue Binder with three pockets preferably Graph paper Lined paper Blank paper Sticky dry erase board sheets Getting set up to Make your Portable Drawing
Starfish are one of the most interesting things to find on the beach. This little necklace is perfect to wear by the sea for good luck. What you will need Polymer clay in yellow, red, and blue Brush for texture Pliers Hands Wire Picking your Colors for the Bakeable Clay Starfish I say in my list of stuff to get red, blue, and yellow, however you may use any three colors you wish. The red