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Polymer Clay Citrus Cane Slices

Posted by Torch on November 12, 2018
Category: Clay, kawaii
Just because summer is over does not mean citrus is unacceptable. Polymer clay can be an easy medium to work with if done right, and this simple cane is a great place to start. I did another polymer clay cane tutorial, which featured a heart. I also did a clay sushi roll, which was a lot of fun. A pro tip for slicing canes is to put the cane in the fridge before slicing to

Polymer Clay Coiled Snake

Posted by Torch on November 9, 2018
Category: animals, Clay
Snakes are awesome. What’s even better is snake dragons. This little guy is a simple version of the dragon snake a made previously, with some minor adjustments. This polymer clay coiled snake is so funny and adorable, and can be made and kept for years to come. What you will need Translucent sculpey Regular white sculpey The sculpey color sampler box Dotting tools Oven Foil Pan Rubbing alcohol Starting off with a Clean Workspace Always
FNAF is definitely not getting any more popular, so why not do a drawing of Five Nights at Freddy’s Golden Freddy? This drawing was a mix of pastel and pencils. Pastels are my favorite medium due to how flexible they are, as they are made of pure pigment they can be used like paint or pencil. This medium is very messy, so do make sure to have a good open workspace. What you will need
One of Epcot’s most fun rides is Living with the Land, which is all about how ecosystems work and different methods of growing plants in different environments. It starts by taking you through about 4 different scenes and telling you about each ecosystem. Then it takes you into big greenhouses that shows all the different and new ways Disney’s gardens are growing plants without wasting as much resource. Here are some of the cool things
Bubble tea is an aesthetically pleasing drink that is known for being bright colors and having little brown “bubbles” in the bottom. These bubbles are tapioca, and are often called Boba or pearls. These pearls have no flavor, and are a little like eating an egg or an eyeball. However, these little pearls look so cute in this drink that I decided to make my own bubble tea charm from polymer clay. What you will