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I have done tutorials on a snake and a sea dragon, but what about a fire dragon? Meet Cinder, my latest Polymer clay dragon project. What you will need Wire Pliers A sample box of polymer clay by Sculpey Dotting tools- you don’t think you need them but trust me, they come in handy so much. Wire Framework on the Polymer Clay Dragon Starting with about a foot of wire, make the shape shown in
Where we Left off on the Lion Mosaic We last glued the gems to the crown of the beast. Once the glue cures, pull the lion mosaic back out to the crafting table to be worked on. If you have not read part one and two, please go read those before reading this final post. Make sure the Gems are Secure Very gently wiggle them around to make sure they are secure as possible. Do
Welcome Back If you have NOT read part 1 of the Lion Mosaic, please read the first part before continuing to part two. If you read any further without having seen part one, things may not make sense. Setting up Outside Start out with a bunch of paper bowls and a Sharpie. Mark each paper bowl with a color of glass, separating light and dark tan pieces from the main piece of glass for the
This is part one of a gorgeous lion mosaic. If worked on consistently, this piece should take about two weeks to recreate. Be prepared to get cut, as no glass project is complete without at least a few little scratches on your fingertips. What you will need (about a $300 dollar is required) Big frame, preferably oval and guilded Gold mirror glass Regular mirror glass Dark brown transparent glass A tan and white mixed piece
Shrinky Dinks are flat charms made from plastic that are easy to make and fun to wear, perfect for a rainy day craft for boys and girls alike. What you will need Number 6 plastic Hole punch Sharpie set Oven Parchment paper or tin foil Scissors An image of something four times as big as you want the charm What Will not Work This little cupcake was the result of a tragic accident. The cupcake