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Do you hate spiders but love dragons? Obviously, you’re doing it wrong. By combining something you like with something you hate, you will like the thing you hate. In this case, let’s make a Spider Dragon! This piece features ink, pencil, and watercolor. What you will need Strong paper that can handle watercolor Ink pen, preferably a fine tipped marker pen and a brush pen Small watercolor kit Drawing the Normal Base Start with the
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Chickens are super loud but pretty birds. Chickens have super adorable hatchlings, with their cute, fluffy little bodies and little tiny cheeps. Remember, if you are struggling to draw something, feel free to use photographs to draw from. This is super helpful, especially with live animals. What you will need Paper Pencil Ink pen Possibly watercolors or colored pencils How to Draw a Chicken Starting with a line Sometimes, the easiest way to start drawing
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Who doesn’t love a warm, fresh baked pie? Pies are a wonderful treat and come in so many flavors. This cute little pie… is Pie flavored. Very rare and very elusive, this pie flavored pie is a super cute little doodle and can be broken down into a few very easy to follow steps. What you will need Pencil Good paper Eraser Ink pen Possibly coloring tools How to Draw a Pie Starting with a
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Today we will be learning How to Paint a Watercolor Sunset. Sunsets are super vibrant and super fun to make, especially using watercolor. Let’s get into making this awesome and super bright watercolor Sunset. What you will need Watercolor paper Watercolor pencils Brush pen Watercolor set How to Paint a Watercolor Sunset Base When working with watercolors, it is always best to start with your lightest color first. By using your lightest color, you have
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Dragon eyes are super cool, and with the proper amount of detail they can be the difference between a good and a bad piece. This post will be about one method of drawing dragon eyes that I have found effective, that are sort of like clock hands in the pupil. This way of making pretty dragon eyes can be applied to a great many mythological beasts, and can be colored to be interpreted so many
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One of the coolest and most impressive characters you can play as in Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors is named Volga, the dragon knight. He is super hard to beat, but playing as him is so fun because you can spam the buttons and he just absolutely blasts away the opponent. He is terribly arrogant and funny, and his dragon form is super fun to draw. Let’s get started on The Dragon Drawing Step by
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Creating art is always super fun, but are you tired of your art turning out not like you’d like? The reason may be quite simple and easy to fix. Here’s some ways to get better as well as a good starter art kit for drawing mediums. Become a Better artist Kit One important thing to become better at art is to use decent supplies. This doesn’t mean you can’t make art with cheap supplies though.
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Here is the continuation of how to make the LPS FNAF Customs as Mangle. Mangle’s base was destroyed and this was the best way to reuse it and reconnect the head effectively. In this part of her tutorial, we will finish the LPS custom and give her the final touches. What you will need Wire Gorilla super glue White paint Pink paint Red paint Yellow paint Silver paint Black paint Hot glue Clear nail polish
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We have really enjoyed Canvas factory a lot on this blog, and this time it’s a print of an art piece my mother made for me when I was little. Giveaway details will be at the bottom of the post, so stay tuned!   If you want to check out the canvas factory, use this link if you are from the USA and this link if you are from Canada.   Setting up the Canvas
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Mangle is a super fun and unique character from Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is basically a wad of metal with a few feet and two heads. This base had lost its head, being a fake LPS Collie 1262. This is one of what might become a series of LPS Fnaf Customs. What you will need Wire Gorilla super glue White paint Pink paint Red paint Yellow paint Silver paint Black paint Hot glue Clear
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