Most people love stuffed animals, but sometimes too many can gather on your bed and you have no room to sleep. Here is a moderately easy tutorial to make a stuffed animal bed, so that they may hog their own bed and not yours. What you need Hot glue sticks, quite a few of them High temp hot glue gun Parental supervision Foam or stuffing A lot of popsicle sticks Some pieces for old dollhouses,
Poodles are highly intelligent and hypoallergenic dogs. They may seem to just be prissy show dogs, but they are very protective and loving as well. Their pretty haircuts can be a bit of a challenge to draw, however it can be done. What you will need Pencil Sharpie Eraser Paper Patience Possibly a ruler To Draw a Poodle, Start with Basic Outlines Start by drawing a thin triangle on the paper, at about a 60

How to Draw a Fox

Posted by Torch on May 11, 2018
Category: drawing, kawaii, Quick Crafts
Foxes are adorable, with their fluffy tails and pointy ears. This is the process of how to draw a fox worthy of adding to your doodle book. What you need Sharpie Pencil Eraser Colored pencil set Step 1: Draw a Fox Tail and Face The tail of the fox drawn started with a stretched out “S” shape, curving up and out from the body of the fox. The connecting line of the fox tail should
Dragons are fairly easy to draw. This dragon doodle tutorial will show you how to doodle a dragon curled around a tower. What you need: Kneaded eraser Paper Pencil Ruler is definitely good to have Optionally colored pencils or markers Draw Your Dragon’s Base lines Start by using your ruler to help you make two straight lines that are vertical on the paper. Draw the curve of the dragon by drawing a slithery shape over
Air plants are quite fascinating, how they can grow without any soil or roots. Because of this, the options for air plant holders are much more different than those for plants with dirt. For instance, you can make a very strange air plant holder out of… plastic shot glasses? What you will need 7 lightweight plastic shot glasses Hot glue gun Hot glue gun sticks Patience Glass beads Air plants Gathering and Starting your Air