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This little creepy creation is made from completely polymer clay, but he looks like he is made of sherbet. This Polymer Clay Dragon can be modified to hold pencils, bite erasers, or just constantly stare at you with the creepiest expression possible. What you will need Polymer clay in bubblegum pink Lime green Light yellow Light orange White Wire End of a paint brush or dotting tool Cleaning off your Surface When working with light
Love nature and sculpting? This tutorial is for you. Today the thing being sculpted is a silly derpy little pickle dragon chilling under a tree. This tree looks super cool and whimsical, and the expression that wound up on this little guy’s face is hilarious. Here is how I made this perfect pair with Sculpey 3. What you will need Polymer clay in Red Light green Dark green White Orange Pink Brown Wire Pliers Rubbing
This cute little moon dragon is gorgeous, with its little rose and moon curled around its tail and its pretty purple color looks complicated, but it’s not at all. In this tutorial, you will learn how to marble clay and make a dragon that looks like he just landed down from space. What you will need Several shades of purple polymer clay Red clay White clay Yellow clay Metallic dust Wire Green clay Dotting Tools

Crazy Polymer Clay Dinosaur

Posted by Torch on April 8, 2019
Category: animals, Clay, Quick Crafts
Remember the Derpasaur’s terrarium? In this tutorial we will learn how to sculpt the beast himself—from polymer clay. This Crazy Polymer Clay Dinosaur is certainly an upgrade from his previous form, with an even more derpy and loveable look. He is easy to sculpt, with little detailing. What you will need Polymer clay variety pack Knowledge of the derpasaur Rubbing alcohol Parchment paper Oven Hands A sense of humor Making the Base Start by conditioning
Finding the perfect video game console station can be really difficult. This started out as a ten dollar piece of furniture at goodwill with no hopes or dreams of the future. With a little spray paint and some love, this TV stand went from “Bleh” straight to fabulous. What you will need Old TV stand White spray paint Fabric that goes with the spray paint without being too bright Small bins Additional bits and pieces