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Meet Quackers. He is a polymer clay duck who is larger than a grain of rice, but smaller than a dime. He is yellow, cute and easy to make! To make Quackers, You will need: A toothpick An oven Hands Sculpey Yellow nail polish Black nail polish Orange nail polish Make Three Balls of Clay Start off by making three balls of clay, like you would to make a snowman. One should be larger than
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Baking soda is something a lot of people keep in their fridge to keep it deodorized, but did you know it can clean so much more than just fridge funk? A lot of people use chemical cleaners such as Comet to scrub away at stains in their bathtubs, sinks, etc. However, I have found that there is no reason to use Comet instead of Baking soda and sometimes vinegar. Comet is basically working by its
Sew After you scroll through the Tumblr or Pinterest, you can pick out a cute pattern to sew little plushies or make a piece of clothing or a purse. Here are 3 adorable plush patterns.      There is also a seahorse by Jeniro Designs, and a bat by Choly Knight. Here are some cute fabrics I found! Some funny sloths, pretty fur, and somefelt. Pinterest This site can keep you entertained for hours. One
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Are you bored at home? Here are some easy and fun crafts teenagers can make from things laying around the house! Kawaii pencil cup     You may remember I did a DIY very similar to this, but a Pikachu. I was inspired by this creation byRed Ted Blog,and I encourage you to try it! It is fun and simple, but quite adorable. Remember to be careful if you use a sharpie to draw on
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You can make easy and inexpensive coasters with glue and popsicle sticks. With a little creativity, you can easily create interesting coasters your guests might actually use! The pallet furniture trend isn’t going away any time soon, and with a few popsicle sticks, you can make coasters with a rustic, pallet look. You will need: 13 popsicle sticks Scissors you don’t particularly care about Hot glue gun (Be careful… don’t get hurt!) Silver fine tip
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This Pikachu cup is easy to make, and will look so cute on your desk! It’s perfect as a gift or organization for your room. For this project, you only need a few supplies. It’s a low-cost project that’s ideal for working with younger crafters.  Disclaimer: A few of the supply links below are affiliate links. This means if you happen to buy something from clicking on the link, I will make a few cents

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