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Before I started working with polymer clay, I used normal modeling clay a lot. Polymer clay is very expensive and even a small project can become costly quickly. Modeling clay is great for concepts and to help learn about clay and how to sculpt before playing with the good stuff. This cheap clay was only a dollar, and I wanted to see just what I could do with it. What you will need Dollar store
All over the internet is how to make any kind of doll clothes from anything you could ever want. But what about stuffed animals? Here are three awesome DIY stuffed animal clothing pieces that are easy to make and look super cute. Stuffed animal Jacket This is possibly the easiest on the list, and is primarily for small stuffed animals, such as beanie babies and webkinz. What you will need An old sweater or hoodie
An old trend that slowly burned out, this DIY lipstick can be very messy to make and will not be particularly good for much. But if you have some old chapstick tubes and some time to spare, these crayon lipsticks make good play makeup. Be aware that Crayola is non toxic but not food safe, so do this at your own risk. I do not think it can do much harm unless you flat out
Steampunk can be really fun for cosplaying, but often times the pieces needed to put the costumes together are hard to find or expensive. This flower crown is made from recycled lights, and really catches the light. It’s super pretty and sure to add that final finishing touch to any steampunk cosplay, while still being easy to make. What you will need Wire in a coppery color Super glue Hot glue Big gears Little gears
Sewing can be really hard for dolls and stuffed animals, as they are small and it is very easy to ruin whatever you are sewing with much smaller seam allowances. One of the main problems with sewing small clothes is cloth that is too thick, so for this Doll Jacket make sure your cloth is nice and thin before you start. Be prepared to spend a lot of time sewing painfully tiny stitches with a