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LPS Fnaf Customs The Mangle Tutorial Part 2

Here is the continuation of how to make the LPS FNAF Customs as Mangle. Mangle’s base was destroyed and this was the best way to reuse it and reconnect the head effectively. In this part of her tutorial, we will finish the LPS custom and give her the final touches.

What you will need

Sculpting the Hot Glue Bow

After heating up the glue gun, make two little triangles out of hot glue. Let the glue cure, then arrange them with two points meeting like the bow of a bow tie, and put more hot glue on the center where the two halves meet. Let the glue fully dry before touching.

Attaching the Bow to Cover Up Rough Patches

The neck of this LPS is not too pretty. Attach the bow to the front of the neck with more hot glue, using the glue to fill in the gaps of the wires and to make a small band going around the throat.

Adding the Gradient to the Tail

Water down pink paint to make it flow nicely, and pick up a little bit on the end of a sponge brush or foam sponge. Lightly apply the paint to the end of the tail, fading to a darker shade at the very backside of the tail, similar to the collie 1262.

Painting The FNAF LPS Customs Mangle Toenails

Add small swipes of pink to each foot, to make her three painted toenails a foot. Nothing complicated, one swipe per nail will do.

Adding Detailed Stripes

Optionally you can paint chunks of grey on her body to represent her falling apart. I also added little bits of silver over the grey to emphasize the shredding.

Painting the Inside of Mangle’s Ears

Take that same pink paint and tuck it under the ears of the LPS. The collies all have ears that are flipped down, but you can add in a little bit of pink for that extra detail.

Painting the Left Yellow Eye

Paint a blob of yellow on the middle of the left eye, and add a black pupil to it. Don’t overcomplicate the eye, as the original has a very simplistic eye. Don’t forget to add a white highlight to the pupil and to run your pencil around the indent of the eye to make the weird socket that holds in the eye.

Painting the Black eye of the FNAF LPS Customs Mangle

Paint the whole entire eye black. Use some watery white paint on a sponge to apply a little tiny white pupil that fades into the darkness of the socket. It’s supposed to look haunting.

Making sure the Head is well Sealed

Go over both eyes and the muzzle with a little clear nail polish. This will help your LPS keep its paint intact when you spray the varnish over the head.

Painting Under the Head of the FNAF LPS Customs Mangle

Add a black circle following the inside ring of the LPS head. You can add painted wires coming out of the bottom of the head if you like, but I forgot.

Painting the Bowtie

Add a little red paint to that bow tie to make it pop. This will take a couple coats, so be patient and don’t cake on all the paint trying to do it in one coat.

Adding the Eye Makeup and Muzzle Details

Add some pink eye shadow above each eye and paint the muzzle that same pink. These lines are easy to mess up, so be careful. Do not paint the lower lip of the custom with the pink paint. Add a little blop of lipstick on her and little black dots to the muzzle using a dotting tool.

Clear Coat

Spray the whole custom with clear coat, no mercy. When I sprayed my custom, I sprayed it to the point that all the excess dripped off. Make sure to do this outside and watch out for messy drips.

Touching up with Clear Nail Polish

On the paws and the underbelly you will need to add a thin coat of clear nail polish. This will ensure the whole creation is well sealed and can be played with without worry.


Your creepy little creation is complete. Happy Crafting!

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