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How to draw A Chicken for Beginners

Chickens are super loud but pretty birds. Chickens have super adorable hatchlings, with their cute, fluffy little bodies and little tiny cheeps. Remember, if you are struggling to draw something, feel free to use photographs to draw from. This is super helpful, especially with live animals.

What you will need

How to Draw a Chicken Starting with a line

Sometimes, the easiest way to start drawing is to simply start drawing. In this case, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to make, so I just drew a small, slightly curvy line. And from that line, a chick was born.

Adding a Tail and Chest to the Chicken

At one end of the line, add a couple of small spikes to make a tail. At the other end of the line, make the line curve up just a little, like the spine of the chick.

How to Draw a Chicken Head

I started by drawing an oval shape in front of the chicken. I proceeded to add a small triangle to the front to make a break as the basic outline for the head.

Drawing the Chicken Head Cuter

After erasing the head, draw a fairly large circle instead. This will be a much better head than that small oval shape.

Adding the Beak to the Chicken

Add a small triangle in whatever direction you want the chick to face. I have my chick looking up, as this makes it seem smaller and cuter.

Completing the Outline of the Chicken

Draw the back of the chicken to complete your base outline. Now you should have almost a cookie cutter chicken shape.

How to Draw a Chicken Wing

On the side not facing you, draw a small lump for a wing, and on the side facing you draw a big teardrop shape for a wing. That’s all you have to do, but we can add detail as well.

How to Sketch an Eye

Draw a circle on the head, and a small inner circle inside. Add a couple little spots inside the eye that will be left white when the eye is finished.

Filling in the Eye of the Chicken

Color the pupil of the chicken, leaving the highlights alone. If your highlights seem too small, use an eraser to gently pull the color out of the pupil.

How to Draw a Chicken’s Feathers

Along the bottom of your teardrop shape, cut out a weird strip at the bottom for the feathers. Add lines all along that bottom shape to make chunky, squarish feathers. Try to make them all about the same size, for aesthetic purposes.

Sketching Chicken Feet

Chicken feet are a little hard to draw. Think of each toe as like a little stick and draw out the little sticks. Or just draw the chick laying down, that works just as well.

Drawing the Head Feathers

This little chicken has a few little tufts of feather on his head for personality. You don’t have to add the tufts, but I thought it added a special touch. Just make little curved lines and connect them to the head.


And now your tiny chicken friend is complete. Good luck and Happy Crafting!

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