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3 Sharpie Crafts You Can Do on a Rainy Day

Do you have sharpies stashed everywhere, from your closet to the fridge? Then you may have a few too many. Here are a few Sharpie crafts to help you use them up before they dry out.

 Tie-Dye Fabric

For this you will need to purchase rubbing alcohol. Put it into a spray bottle and set it aside. Also use a plastic surface, a binder works well because the angle allows the color to flow as well as provide with a surface that can be damaged with little worry. Using non metallic sharpies, draw random colors all over white fabric and spray it down with the alcohol to make the color run. You could also spray the alcohol on the cloth while the cloth is on photo paper or thick drawing paper to make an awesome background as well as a tie dye. If you choose to dye a shirt, wait 24 hours for it to stain the cloth completely and then wash it by itself thoroughly, as alcohol is flammable. Dry it on low. 

Body Art Sharpie Crafts

You can also draw on your skin or someone else’s with a sharpie. You can make a wide variety of fake tattoos with just a black sharpie and a touch of talent. Hearts and swirls are easy to draw, but try birds, skulls, or whatever seems fun to you. But oh no, your mom is about to come home and your brother is covered in scribbles! What do you do? Grab the Rubbing alcohol. Get a few cotton pads and rubbing alcohol and melt the ink right off. This trick, however, will not help keep you from getting grounded for not doing your chores. That was completely your fault. Craft with caution.

Decorate your Room with the 7 Souls of Undertale

Draw 8-bit hearts on graph paper and color them in with sharpies for an extra pop. For the size I use, I filled in 4 blocks on the outline for each pixel, and made the white part on the side to make it seem shiny. Note- color in one direction to prevent it from looking like you just scribbled with reckless abandon. You can use these glue dots or double sided sticky tape to attach it to the wall or to a drawing book.

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