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DIY Exotic Butters FNAF Charm

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a wonderful series of games by Scott Cawthon that are full of many interesting Easter eggs and funny moments, such as the selection of Exotic Butters. You can make your own Exotic Butters with polymer clay and a little imagination.

This tutorial requires a lot of different polymer clay colors, so I recommend buying a kit.

What you need:

Making the Basket for your Exotic Butters

Start off by mixing white, yellow, and brown to make the right color for the basket, which is a sort of tan color. Roll it out very thin and make the base of the basket. Make the base very wide and the walls of the basket short, so that it matches the real exotic butter basket. Mixing white and shiny white polymer clay, make the inside of the basket. Roll it out, cut a small circle in the middle, and put it against the bottom of the basket, pressing it in with the blunt end of a toothpick. Take the rest of the clay, roll it out, and line the rest of the inside of the basket. Blend the edges and fold the excess slightly over the side of the basket.

Adding Details to your Exotic Butter FNAF Basket

After the basket is lined, use a mix of light and dark red clay to make the ribbon and bow. The ribbon was a small piece rolled out thin and wrapped around the basket securely. The bow was two triangles with a dot of red in the middle to cover up where the pieces met. Make two lines on each half of the bow and stick it on. Pull the edges out slightly so it looks more 3D.

Making the Exotic Butters

The exotic butters are made from white shimmer polymer clay, light yellow polymer clay, and dark yellow polymer clay. Mix the colors to get the desired shade of yellow. Roll them out on the parchment with a small roller very carefully. Cut the rounded edges off and flatten them to look  just like real butter. 6 pieces of butter is how many is in the original basket, however I used extra sticks to fill in gaps. Put an eye hook or a piece of wire twisted into a loop into the back of it and tuck it in snugly. Bake at 375 and put a clear coat of nail polish over the butter for an even more realistic touch.

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