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Crazy Polymer Clay Dinosaur

Remember the Derpasaur’s terrarium? In this tutorial we will learn how to sculpt the beast himself—from polymer clay. This Crazy Polymer Clay Dinosaur is certainly an upgrade from his previous form, with an even more derpy and loveable look. He is easy to sculpt, with little detailing.

What you will need

Making the Base

Start by conditioning a blob of white clay. Set a good sized chunk aside for the head, and roll the clay out into a snakelike shape, with a more narrow tail tip and the main part of the body fairly thick.

Making the Outer Color of the Polymer Clay Dinosaur

Marble together some red, orange, and a little gold clay to make a nice derpy orange color. Flatten it out and wrap it around the body of the derpasaur, taking care to blend the seam together. Save enough clay for the feet, head, and paws.

Sculping the Head of the Polymer Clay Dinosaur

Roll out that orange clay and wrap it around the chunk of clay reserved for the head. Roll the ball in your hands until it is smooth, then make a sort of rounded oval shape, with the top part of the head just slightly thicker than the nose. Attach a lower jaw by rolling out a piece of orange clay and attaching it to the bottom of the head. Use a dotting tool to make indents in the head for the eyes, and add a little chunk of white clay in each. Put a little blue and black for the pupil, to give him life.

Making Derpy Paws

Roll out two small snakes of clay. On either end, the clay should be blobby, so that one side can be a paw and the other can be a shoulder. Narrow the end that will become a paw to a sort of blobby point, and cut it in half. Do this to both hands, and stick the shoulders to either side of him.

Shaping the Back Feet of the Polymer Clay Dinosaur

For the back feet, use the orange clay to make two small balls. Start to make a tear drop shape, but do not point the end. Once you have an almost golf club shape, stick the fatter side to the sides of the derpasaur in the general leg area. Make sure it is secured cleanly and there are no fingerprints.

Putting the Underbelly on the Derpasaur

Before you cross the arms in front of the derpasaur, roll out a sandy piece of clay and cut out a rough rectangle that will fit the belly of the derpasaur. Cut little lines all the way down, and peel the underbelly off your sculpting surface to attach to the derpasaur. Make sure your edges are clean and somewhat rounded after pressing it on.

Adding Stripes to the Polymer Clay Dinosaur

I thought my derpasaur would look adorable with little green stripes, to represent the moss growing on the real derpasaur you can find on my About page. Roll out thin stripes of green clay, and make each end of the stripe pointed. Wrap it around the back of the derpasaur and pat them on gently, smoothing your finger prints off as you go.

Removing Finger Prints

Just in case you missed any finger prints, and to get the dirt off, take a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol and clean off the clay. I also secured the paws by curling them against his chest and added a little red tongue.


Put the derpasaur into the oven for 20 minutes at 275F. Be really careful around hot ovens, if you need help from an adult don’t hesitate to ask for it. Burns are not fun, and if you don’t know what you are doing around an oven you can possibly get badly hurt.


Let your derpasaur cool for a bit, and you’re finished. You can glaze him or leave him as is. Since you have a derpasaur now, check out this post I made awhile back on How to Make a Derpasaur Terrarium, or maybe read this list of things to do when you’re bored. Happy Crafting!

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