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Stained Glass Mosaic Rose – Part Two

Your glue is dry. Now what?

After you have read Stained Glass Rose Mosaic Part 1 and completed all the steps, it should be the next day after you glued your last pieces down. So now… we get to play with grout! Go outside and pour some of the powdery grout into your bucket, being careful not to touch it or get it in your lungs. I recommend wearing gloves starting from this point. Slowly add water to your powder until it is toothpastelike or has a texture like mayonnaise. After your grout is completely mixed up with no dry patches, you can mix in as much glitter as you desire for an added touch of sparkle.

Apply your grout

This is VERY messy; you will want to do it on a table with a tablecloth that can be thrown away covering it. Put your mosaic glass side up and, with gloved hands, scoop up some of the grout and splat it onto the glass. Press it and work it in between the glass, be careful not to cut your gloves open. It’s okay if you get it on the frame, wipe it off as best as you can, but remember we will repaint it later. Scrape as much grout off your glass as you can while it is wet but still make sure all of your gaps are well filled. Trust me, this will aid you greatly in the future.

Clean up after your grout and polish your glass

About 15 to 20 minutes after your grout has been applied, wipe it off of the glass carefully with a slightly damp sponge or sponge brush. Make sure to get it ALL off!! It is harder to scrape off later. See how the glitter really sparkles in the grout after it has been wiped? So pretty. You can also use this stuff called Whiting that will polish your glass and get any leftover grout off after your grout has settled. Use a firm toothbrushto apply and scrub. Do not add water to the whiting, it works as a powder.

Finish Your Rose

Wipe over your glass with Windex to make it shine. Then you can start painting the frame. Use your sponge brush and dab it on thickly. Cover the whole frame thoroughly and let dry for one hour, being very careful not to paint the grout or the glass. After an hour you can put a second coat on and allow it to sit, and you may need a third coat. Once your frame is dry and you are satisfied with it, Put the hooks into it with a screwdriver, these particular ones you can purchase here do not need a drill and are absolutely fantastic. I chose to light it from behind with some battery operated Christmas lights, but you can just hang it in the sun as a suncatcher if you so wish. If you choose to make this piece, feel free to email me with pictures, I would love to see them! 

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