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Draw a Candy Corn Fox with Pastels!

This fun little friend is simple to draw and good for beginners, or just for testing out a new pastel set. You can use any colors you would like, I simply chose these colors because I was making it more Halloween themed. However, it would look just as good in shades of yellow to green or in dark and light shades of blue and purple.

What you need:


Start by making the outline in pencil. Draw lightly and do not shade. You only want to sketch the body of the fox, the shape of the head, and a line to follow for the ear that goes along the top of what will be your fox’s ear. For the back paws, I simply drew a few little half ovals attached to the body. Remember that darkening your outlines will make it harder for the pastels to cover up, and we do not outline in pastel. 

Fluffy Ears

Next, I began working on the ears. Make the colors flow along the same path as your line at the tip, making it look more elf-like and graceful. Trace your red pastel on the guideline of the ear, making short strokes like hair that go all the way up like an antenna. Next use some orange, and fill in the middle of the ear as as wide as you would like. Then take a little yellow and make more fur on the edge of the orange, to make It as soft and fluffy looking as possible.

The Corrupted Step

Next make your fox look like a murderer. Bit of a warning- do not draw eyes like I did, it will not fully erase and this will permanently effect your fox. Draw red on the chin and the tips of all four paws.

Adding More Colors

After that is finished, add some orange in the middle of the head in a stripe, and add some yellow on the forehead. Blend in with your finger or Q-tip carefully, wiping down from the yellow to the red to blend all the colors to make sure the yellow is still yellow and not completely washed out by the orange. Put a yellow spot on the chest and orange on the rest of the paws and blend well.


After you are done, you can spray it with hairspray and the pastel will not rub off. If you wish to frame it, remember that pastel is always behind glass to protect your artwork from smudges.

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