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Realistic Silicone Mermaid Tails versus Fabric Tails—Which is Better?

Being a mermaid is an entirely different swimming experience than swimming with your legs free. But mermaids in training face a difficult question—What kind of tail is the best for them? In this post, we will discuss both fabric and silicone tails, and their pros and cons, as well as some fabric tail brands that are well known for mermaids new to the hobby.

Some cool fabric tail brands

Some Cool Silicone Brands

  • Finfolk
  • The Mertailor
  • People on etsy often commission to make tails custom as well
  • Swimtails
  • MarineMagic

Silicone Tails: Mermaid Tail Pros

Silicone tails are absolutely gorgeous. Likely the reason you want to be a mermaid at all is because you have seen the fabulous and realistic fish tails in action. These mermaid tails shimmer and flow just like a real fish would, and can last a good many years. Silicone tails are custom fit to your body shape, and often look seamless. These tails can have all sorts of side fins, fluke shapes, matching bras, and come in any shape and color you could possibly want. There are even mermaid tail flukes that are diamond shaped instead of fish shaped.

Fabric Tails: Mermaid Tail Pros

Fabric tails are cheaper than silicone tails and are great for people just getting into the hobby. They can make you swim super fast and are great for deeper waters than a normal pool. These tails also come in many sizes, and are excellent for kids because they fit like clothing and can be easily kicked off in a situation that is life threatening, such as if the child gets tired and cannot keep their head above water anymore.

Silicone Tails: Mermaid Tail Cons

Silicone tails are very expensive, anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000+ for one tail. Not to mention if you gain a few pounds, you will no longer fit in your mermaid tail. This is why silicone tails are not recommended for kids who are still growing. There are also no safety features in most silicone tails, and if you get stuck underwater you may as well just accept you’re going to drown if someone does not pull you out. Just because silicone tails are more durable does not mean they are invincible, and can still get scuffed. Being made of silicone makes the tails extremely difficult to repair, if possible at all. Silicone tails are also very heavy, and can weigh up to 35 pounds.

Fabric Tails: Mermaid Tail Cons

Fabric tails are not without their flaws. Despite them being super good for growing children, they can get hurt easily if the child kicks too hard, and are often seen as toys instead of swim gear. Most commonly the ends of the monofin will rip through the tail and if the child keeps swimming, the tail can get damaged beyond repair. These tails usually go for around 100 dollars from places like SunTails and FinFun. A lot of these tails have more delicate monofin feet pockets that can start to get worn over time.

Fabric Tail Monofins and the Most Recommended

A lot of people on the internet recommend FinFun tails, but they are not ideal. FinFun tails are not the most powerful tails out there, but they are good if your child just wants to be mermaid for the summer. If your child really wants to be a mermaid, I recommend getting a SunTails tail, as the monofin is made of a stronger plastic and backed up with a lifetime guarantee. The tails also come with super awesome tail protectors that keep you from ripping through the tail.

Why I chose a Fabric Tail

Silicone tails are very expensive and really only make sense if you are a mermaid performer. The effort of getting a mold made of your legs, then sitting on the ground for half an hour trying to get the tail on every time you want to swim, trying to dry out the tail and all of the care that goes with the silicone just seems like a lot of work for someone who just wants to swim around and have a good time. Fabric tails can go straight into the washing machine with your bathing suit as soon as you get home and hang up outside to dry. I hope this post helped you learn a bit about mermaiding and helped you make a choice about what kind of tail is right for you. Happy Crafting!

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