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Make your Own Zelda Leg Armor

Armor can be hard to make, especially for the legs. And even if you have the perfect leg armor idea, it can be hard to bring to life. This tutorial will take a bit of time, but in the end will be so worth it. This leg armor base is perfect for cosplays or party costumes, and is fairly inexpensive to make compared to a Worbla alternative.

What you will need

Ordering the Foam

First, go onto Amazon and order a lot of foam in 1 mm thick. This is the perfect thickness for a base as it allows it to bend and slide easier on the leg without as much hassle, as well as provide flexibility.

Measuring the Leg

Using a sewing tape measure, figure out how long your leg is from your knee to your ankle, and measure around the widest and thinnest parts.

Approximating the Foam

Now take those sort of measurements and add about two inches of leeway as you start marking the foam. Remember you can always take the foam away, but you cannot add it back as easily.

Cutting the Foam

Using an exacto blade over a cutting mat on a table or surface that either cannot be easily damaged, such as concrete, cut the block of foam out. Wrap it around your leg and make sure you can slide your leg in and out.

Testing the Base Leg Armor

Pinch the wrap with about an inch of overlap and make sure you can still fit your foot in and out of the armor. It will likely take a bit of wriggling to get into it, but you can do it.

Fastening and Trimming

Using brass fasteners while the foam is on your leg, tighten the armor to fit your leg while allowing you to still pull your foot out. Secure the fasteners and trim the edges of the armor to give it a cleaner look.

Making sure it Fits

Once again, be absolutely sure of your design. If the armor does not make you happy, this is the last chance to resolve that problem.

Making a Copy of the Leg Armor

Take out the fasteners and cut out the other armor from the foam. Refasten the fasteners in one leg armor piece and line up the fasteners on the other one the same way. Try it on to make sure it fits, and remember the fasteners can be adjusted as needed.

Details on the Leg Armor

As soon as the base is made, you can make and glue on foam pieces of any kind to replicate your person. Zelda has gold chevrons on the top of each of her armored boots, so I chose to mimic that look.

Hot Gluing

Secure all pieces with a hot glue gun and add any small embellishments with the glue. The glue will spray paint well and allow the design to be seamless.

Spray Painting

Next, haul them outside and get to painting. You should only need one can of Krylon gold finish paint, and about three good coats. Make sure to get the edges well, and the top that sticks up to hide the fact your expensive looking gold armor is actually cheap craft foam.


Your armor is finished and done. Happy Crafting!

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