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LPS OOAK Donkey Custom

Recently, I have not done any custom tutorials, so I decided to paint this little Fake LPS Donkey who was in dire need of a makeover. This LPS OOAK Donkey was painted in colors somewhat more natural, obviously donkeys are not shiny in real life but they certainly aren’t mint green either. This special donkey took a lot of time and was painted over about three days.

What you will need

Removing the Little Paint on the LPS OOAK Base

This particular LPS did not have much paint on him to begin with, however this is not always the case with bad fake LPS. If your LPS is struggling with a case of badly painted eyes, use acetone on a q tip to erase them away and make them easier to paint over.

Painting the LPS Base White

This ugly mint green color needs to go. Using some lovely white paint, coat the body and the head as a sort of primer to cover up that color.

Adding Extra Coats

Keep adding white paint until that mint color is gone for good. Make sure to wait for each layer to fully dry before adding more paint, to ensure the paint won’t peel off the LPS when you add the next coat.

Optional Clear Coat

Spray a clear coat on the head and the body of the LPS to have a nice nonstick coating in case you mess up and need to wash off some of the paint.

Mixing the First Brown of the LPS OOAK Donkey

After staring at your bottles of paint, pick out some random colors that you THINK will make brown and mix them together. Add brown at the end and pretend you made that shade of brown.

Painting the Body of the LPS OOAK Donkey

Using a soft brush and that brown color you so carefully and precisely mixed, coat the head and body of the LPS at least twice or until you cannot see the white paint underneath anymore.

Life Hack for Painting Heads

The heads of these fake LPS pop off easily. Pop the head off and stick it on the handle of an old paint brush to make it easier and less messy to paint as well as make it easier to store for drying.

Painting the Copper Color

Next, apply the copper paint to the body and head of the LPS, coating it well. Do at least two coats of copper for complete coverage. 

Painting the Eyes

Painting the eyes is very simple. Start by painting the white of the eyes all over where the eye will be. Next, add the pupil in the top corner. Paint a light and a dark green along the pupil to for the iris. Add white to the pupil for a more lifelike look.

Touching up the Tail and Mane

Paint the mane and tail black. This will make the tail and mane stand out from the rest of the body. 

Adding Sparkles to the LPS OOAK Donkey

Mix a drop of glue to a pile of iridescent glitter and mix it together. Use a dotting tool to drop the glitter glue onto the mane and tail where it is needed for some extra glam.

Clear Coat

Spray the LPS OOAK Donkey with a clear coat to seal in everything you worked hard on, just to make sure the paint does not chip.


Stick the head back on the donkey and your creation is complete. Happy Crafting!

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