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Why You Should Love Baking Soda

Baking soda is something a lot of people keep in their fridge to keep it deodorized, but did you know it can clean so much more than just fridge funk?

A lot of people use chemical cleaners such as Comet to scrub away at stains in their bathtubs, sinks, etc. However, I have found that there is no reason to use Comet instead of Baking soda and sometimes vinegar. Comet is basically working by its grit and bleach. It also tends to leave a rather disgusting residue behind, no matter how much you rinse and rinse. 

Bleach Does not Kill Mold and Mildew, but Baking Soda Does

If you think that scrubbing that mold growing in the corner of the bathtub with Comet will help you, you’re wrong. Soak it in vinegar and sprinkle a bit of baking soda on it and scrub it away. Sometimes your scrub brush will not be enough to erase the evidence, in which case I recommend these magic erasers to help you on your journey to a clean life. If you use baking soda and a wet magic eraser, NOTHING will stop you.

Baking soda isn’t always a powdery mess

If you don’t like making a big mess, you can make a paste out of it, I mix two cups baking soda to a quarter cup of dawn dish soap and about half a cup of water, adding more water as needed. You may not want to add dish soap, if you choose to do this the consistency of the baking soda will be more of an oobleck than a foamy, heavy paste.

Baking soda can clean just about anything besides glass

From counters, to tile, to grout, to unfinished wood… even nonstick surfaces. We are Le Cruset lovers, this is our favorite pot. This pot is very easy to damage, but baking soda will get any stains right off without hurting it. We also have an outdoor shower, and the wood often gets slick with mildew. However, using baking soda, the boards look almost new again! For unfinished outdoor wood, you can scrub it in with a brush, let it dry, and then sweep it right off. 

Baking soda is magical

Baking soda is magical. It doesn’t work alone though, be prepared to scrub a lot, as it is an abrasive cleaner and not like scrubbing bubbles where it is supposed to set and then wipe (which is usually lies anyway) but vinegar, being an acid, it can eat away some of the stuff before you deactivate it with the baking soda. Good luck!

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