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Tiny Ducky Polymer Clay Friend

Meet Quackers. He is a polymer clay duck who is larger than a grain of rice, but smaller than a dime. He is yellow, cute and easy to make!

To make Quackers, You will need:

Make Three Balls of Clay

Start off by making three balls of clay, like you would to make a snowman. One should be larger than all of them, one should be medium sized for the head, and the teeny tiny ball for his beak.

Shape the Duck Body

Make a teardrop shape for the body. Set it down on its side and carefully curl up the sharper side like a tiny tail. Then put the medium ball on top of this body and shape the little beak like a cone. VERY carefully press the beak on the head. It’s okay if the beak is way too big, just use your toothpick to scoop a little bit off and reshape it to be a beak again. Make sure everything is secure and then bake him for about 15 minutes.

Paint and finish

After he has been taken out and allowed to sit for a few minutes and is cool to the touch, you can start painting him. The reason I chose nail polish instead of the acrylic like usual is because the nail polish will last longer and also is waterproof, so you can use your ducky as a slime charm. Use your yellow paint and cover that little ducker in paint. Let it dry for about 20 minutes or until it is completely dry. Then carefully dab on a little bit of orange on the beak, being careful not to cover the entire face in orange. You will need to use a special kind of black polish for the eyes, with a very fine brush for details. Dab on a tiny blob on each side and let it dry for another 20 minutes. Then your tiny friend is done! You can seal him in with a clear coat if you would like.

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