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Three Ways to Reuse Polymer Clay

For anyone who works with polymer clay, we all have plenty of scraps left over. And with how expensive polymer clay is, it would be a shame to waste that pile of scrap. Here are a few fun ways to use up the old clay that would have normally been discarded.

Way 1: Rainbow Heart

These fun little pendants or charms are simple to make and are a great way to use a little or a lot of clay.

You will need

  • Polymer clay scrap
  • Wire

Start by mashing a bunch of colorful polymer clay scrap together into a ball. Roll it fat and use your hands to make it a teardrop shape. Push the end of the teardrop in at the rounded end to make it look like a heart. Use pliers and a little bit of wire to make a loop with the ends of the wire sticking out like an anchor. Stick the wire into the clay and bake at 275 for 15-30 minutes on tin foil. You can also paint a creative design on a less attractive looking polymer clay heart and wear it too.

Way 2: Rainbow Macaroon

These tiny macaroons are great for pretend play or to make into fabulous phone charms.

You will need

Start by taking two blobs of pastel rainbow scrap clay and making them into half balls. Make a thin worm from more scrap and use a dotting tool and exacto to blend the worm in and give texture to the clay on the edges. Make a small patty of white clay and put it on one half of the polymer clay macaroon. Add the top piece and gently press the two halves together. Bake at 275 for around 15 minutes and your Scraparoon is done.

Way 3: Guts of a New Creation

If you cannot think of anything you want to make out of very inconveniently small pieces of polymer clay, just use them as the inside part of a larger creation that would otherwise be wasting good clay. Or use the clay as a project that needs to be painted anyway. There are always fun ways to use polymer clay besides the typical ways, try to think outside the box. Consider making ring holders, jewelry boxes, even rings and figures. The sky is the limit. Happy crafting!

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