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Masquerade Pig Part Two

Alright, so Penelope has had a fresh coat of pink paint and is feeling much better with her unicorn horn and glittery wings. What’s next? –if you missed it, here is part one!

Recap of what you will need

Starting the Masquerade Pig Mask

Start by painting the plain mask a silver color. Coat the mask in clear glue with a brush and sprinkle holographic silver glitter all over it, then pat it into the mask to get full coverage. Yes, there will be glitter on your hands. Deal with it, you look better with sparkles anyway.

Glittering the Horn

Cover the horn in a mix of gold pigment and glue. Mix the pigment into the glue before applying. Throw gold holographic glitter all over the horn, just like for the wings. This finer glitter will never get off of your floor, so enjoy the holo for years to come.

Painting the Lipstick on the Masquerade Pig

Get your lovely red acrylic paint and start painting the lipstick on the pig. The two bumps should be on the snout, and the corners are on the sides of the face. Paint them big and full, extremely noticeable from across the room even.

Doing a Light Dusting of Glitter

Light dustings are of course, never light. Spray some clear coat on the back and sides of the pig and throw pink glitter violently all over it. Horray, it’s like a sparkly beach on your floor.

Removing the Googly Eyes

Now, those eyes have amused us all through this tutorial, but sadly are not mature enough to win any ribbons. Remove them by just puling them off, the glue dots will let go fairly quickly.

Attaching Fake Eyelashes

That’s right, as if Penelope wasn’t fabulous enough, she also needs to have fake eyelashes in the biggest size we could find. Stick them on by the metal eyes and fluff them up for extra points.

Adding White Highlights to the Lipstick

Add white lines to the top of the lips to give them a comical glossy shine. Touch up your red to make sure your lines are clean and not streaky. While you’re at it, use a little pink paint on your finger to dab on some blush on either side of her cheeks.

Attaching the Feathers to the Mask

Using your superglue, attach your big fluffy feather and two small feathers to the mask. Clip them with small scrapbooking clips and let it dry overnight.

Glittering the Feathers Too

You thought just maybe the feathers got away without glitter? Ha. Lightly spray the clear coat on the white feathers and dump some more pink glitter onto the tips of the feathers.

Attaching Pearls to the Masquerade Pig

Using a long strand of pearls and some glue, attach the pearls to the back of the pig so it sticks and hangs down like real pearls. Secure it with a small flathead screwdriver on the back seam of the pig and let it dry overnight.

Gluing the Mask to the Masquerade Pig

Tilt the pig on its tail and back legs and apply glue to the bottom of the mask and stick it to the face of the pig. Make sure the glue is actually touching the pig and use something to support it until the mask is cured. Add more glitter as needed.


Attach a sparkly bow to her tail and she is done and ready for her party. Happy Crafting!

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