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Make your Own Crayon Lipstick

An old trend that slowly burned out, this DIY lipstick can be very messy to make and will not be particularly good for much. But if you have some old chapstick tubes and some time to spare, these crayon lipsticks make good play makeup.

Be aware that Crayola is non toxic but not food safe, so do this at your own risk. I do not think it can do much harm unless you flat out eat it, but if you use a wild color like dark blue you could dye your lips on accident.

What you will need

Setting up

Start by laying out newspaper on the counter, because there is a good chance you will spill hot wax everywhere, I did it three different times. Thank goodness for tile floors, I do not recommend doing this in a carpeted or wood floored kitchen.

Cleaning the Tube

Wash out the tube you will be using for the lipstick, even if it has never been used, to make sure it doesn’t smell like gross plastic or have any oils left on it. If it had lip balm in it, clean it out with very hot water and soap and dry well.

Boiling the Water

Next, fill the measuring cup half way with water and boil it in the microwave, or at least get it really hot. This can take three to five minutes, so be patient.

Peeling the Crayons for the Crayon Lipstick

Choose two colors that are similar, like a pink and a red, and cut the paper off the crayon. Make sure there’s absolutely no paper still stuck to the wax, as the paper won’t melt down and it will be gross and create chunks.

Adding Extra Pigment to the Crayon Lipstick

Optionally, you can add a little eyeshadow to the mix to create a matte or a shimmer. Scrape a little bit of the eyeshadow into your Ziploc bag. Remember that a little eyeshadow goes a long way.

Breaking up the Crayon

Break those crayons into several small pieces to help it melt faster. If you want, you can put them into a second Ziploc bag and smash them with a hammer or a meat tenderizer to mush them up into flakes before melting them down.

Adding Cold Press Coconut Oil

Scoop up about a half a teaspoon of cold press coconut oil and get it into the bag with the eyeshadow. Transfer the crayon back into the eyeshadow bag.

Mixing the Crayon Lipstick

Get all the ingredients to one corner of the Ziploc bag and dip the corner in the hot water, being careful not to burn yourself. Do not touch the sides of the measuring cup like I did… Not my proudest moment.

Pouring the Crayon Lipstick into the Tube

Once that crayon has melted, squish the bag around to get the ingredients well mixed. Open the corner of the bag like a spout and pour it out into the tube very carefully, but also quickly because that wax hardens really fast. This is why the paper towel was so important to lay down before you started, because there is a really good chance you will miss your target. Remember if you don’t get it all out you can melt it again in the hot water. Don’t get the wax into the measuring cup, it is hard to fully clean out.


Place the tube or tubes upright in the freezer and let it harden for about five minutes. Pull it out and let it come back to room temperature on the counter while you clean up.

How to Clean Wax

If you have a tile floor, and the wax is still hot but only on the tile, let it harden before touching it, then scrape it up in a chunk with a scraper. If the wax is on the grout, scrape it off as much as possible and use super hot water to melt it down and wipe it up. You may use dish soap to help break up the oils.


Try on your new lipsticks once they have warmed back to room temperature. Not a practical craft, but certainly a fun way to use old or broken crayons. You could even use the shavings left over from your crayons too. Happy Crafting!

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