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Easy and Cheap Steampunk Flower Crown

Steampunk can be really fun for cosplaying, but often times the pieces needed to put the costumes together are hard to find or expensive. This flower crown is made from recycled lights, and really catches the light. It’s super pretty and sure to add that final finishing touch to any steampunk cosplay, while still being easy to make.

What you will need

Finding the Copper Flowers

I linked to flowers off Amazon, however the ones I used came from the clearance section of Target. These are quite old, but Target usually has battery operated string lights of some sort. Another option for your flowers is to take normal plastic flowers and spray paint them copper, which will result in a less heavy headband that requires little wiring.

Taking the Copper Flowers Apart

Since these flowers had a previous life as lights, there is a rather ugly chunky plastic piece right smack down in the middle. Use pliers to rip that out and dispose of it. You may have to crack the plastic in order to successfully complete this maneuver.

Wiring the Cheap Steampunk Flowers onto the Headband

Next, wrap wire around the flower and wind it into the plastic headband, making sure it is secure, laying fairly flat, and the tips of the wires are secured on top or pushed through to the other side of the headband, to prevent your hair from snagging.

Gluing over the Wires

Since there are wires exposed, and wires and hair do not get along, you can use hot glue over the wires to secure the wire in place to prevent it from trying to bite your hair. Make sure the prongs of the headband are still able to cling to your head, and the hot glue will work together with it to keep it on your head. Don’t use a low heat gun and glue unless you are sure you won’t be anywhere hot, as the glue can melt into your hair if you’re not careful.

Putting the big Cheap Steampunk Gear Together

Ah yes, both the heaviest weight and the star of the show. Take a massive gear and wire it haphazardly in a criss cross and wind the wire under the headband securely. Wire another one on top of it, to make it look more complex. It’s okay if the gear is tilted, because it will sit better on your head that way.

Securing the Gear with hot glue

Glue the heck out of the underside of the gear. This will help keep it on the headband and keep the wires from eating your hair again. Add two more gears with hot glue onto the pile, to make it look like it might actually do something useful and make it more complex.

Hot Gluing the Rest of the Flowers on

I got a little lazy and decided it would be a lot faster if I glued all the flowers on the way I wanted them with hot glue instead of wire, for the more general areas. I do recommend wiring the ones on either side of your head, but the rest can be secured with hot glue to each other and the band. Remember to squish hot glue anywhere you can to help hold these little guys on, as metal and hot glue rarely work together.

Adding Flat Backed Plastic Gemstones to the Cheap Steampunk Flower Crown

This flower crown is so pretty so far, but it could really use a pop of silver. Add the flat backed rhinestones to the middles of every flower, being careful not to get glue on the front of the gem. If you get glue on the front of any of the gems, throw it out and replace it.

Adding the Gears

You thought one lonely gear was enough? Of course not. Add ten more little gears poking out randomly with your hot glue gun. Attach them to the underside of the petals of the copper flowers all over, making it look more flashy. Don’t add too many though, too many gears will make your crown look like you tried too hard.

Reinforcing the Cheap Steampunk Headband

Alright, so we all know hot glue isn’t enough to hold up those gears without looking globby and messy. Let that little bit of hot glue hold up the gears while you glue it more securely with some good old E-600. Let it dry overnight after patching up any hot glue areas that you don’t think will hold up to the test of time.

Bending the Flowers

Using your pliers again, gently bend the petals a little up and away from your hair. This will also help prevent snagging and make the crown more comfortable. Make sure the crown still looks natural and relaxed; don’t bend the petals straight up.


Try it on and take some epic selfies with your real life snapchat filter. Happy crafting!

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