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LPS Custom Creepy Ghost

You can turn your old Littlest Pet Shop toys into creepy, scary ghosts with just a bit of paint and acetone. This is a great craft for bored children and teens alike.

What you will need:

Remove the Paint to Prepare the LPS Custom

Start by pouring about half an inch of acetone into a small glass bowl. If you would like to remove all of the paint, dip the LPS in the acetone and wipe it off with a Q-tip. For just the facial features, dip the Q-tip into the acetone and gently rub away the eyes, being careful not to smudge the paint. Go in circular motions on the eyes to prevent this from happening, as there is no way to remove it if you smudge it on.

 Base Coat the LPS

Next coat the entire body in a coat of white acrylic paint. Two coats of white paint is needed to ensure that any left over base colors are covered. Use a fine tip brush to go around any details you wish to leave their original colors. Allow to fully dry for about an hour before moving on.

Mix and Prepare your Paint

Because this particular LPS had a dark pink bow, I mixed some red and white paint to make a very light pastel pink for a more ghostly appearance. You may do this with any accessories on the LPS that you wish to keep the same color but also have a creepy touch. Put a little black paint and white paint on a paper plate as a palette.

Paint the LPS Customs

Using the white paint first, cover any fur or fluff on your LPS customs with one more coat. Wash your brush thoroughly and paint the face, ears, and paws, hooves, or fins black if they are not covered in fur. If your character has furry feet, paint the bottom of the foot black on the paw print. When painting the face, be cautious to avoid painting the eyes, however paint as close to them as you dare with a fine tip brush. Add one more coat of paint to the eyes to make them look creepy and hollow. Paint the inside of the ear white as well, instead of pink.

Finish Your LPS Ghost

After your LPS customs character has dried, you may put a clear coat of nail polish on it or leave it as is for a matte look.

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