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Polymer Clay Canes Tutorial

This is a very easy and simple tutorial for basic polymer clay cane making. You could also make a poop emoji by just using brown clay in a triangle shape instead of making it with a heart.

You will need:

Make the Middle Heart Shape

Start by sculpting a very thick heart shape from polymer clay. For a small inch and a half thick cane, use about a half inch ball of clay and shape it into a tear drop shape. Use the point of the toothpick to make the top part of the heart, making sure it is really thick for best results.

Outline and Roll it out

Next, use the purple clay and make another tear drop shape, filling in the top of the heart. Add a couple extra pieces of purple on either side of the heart, so it does not get out of shape when you roll the cane out. Roll out a decent sized amount of purple that will wrap all the way around and should be about 1/6th of an inch thick. Pull and mold the heart to be a little longer as well as better attach the purple pieces to the red pieces. Then wrap the heart in the purple on the side, blending the seams and carefully rolling it out to desired thickness. Wait about 15 minutes for it to cool before slicing with a very sharp blade, such an Exacto, and bake at 275 F.

Where I Messed up: Do’s and Don’ts

One thing I quickly learned is that right after rolling it out, it is not ready to be sliced. The clay cane is too warm, and cutting it will smear the colors and be ruined. Something also learned is after baking, the Sculpey is hard to cut and will flake to pieces like a rock. If clay is not added around the middle shape, the middle piece will deformed when rolled out and is ruined. Rubbing alcohol is ideal for removing fingerprints from the clay cane.


The clay slices are best looking with a clear coat of nail polish. The cane slices can be used in a variety of ways, including charms and slime accessories. You could also use the same method with fondant, and make edible cane pieces for decorating cupcakes or cookies.


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