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How to Add Glamour to a Boring Shirt With Fabric Paint

Fabric Paint Something

So, I just recently realized the glory of Puffy paint, which is for fabric. It is easy to work with and not just for little kids making memory shirts. You can easily make gorgeous designs with just a bit of patience and time.

What you need!

Step one: Draw your template out on paper

For this project, I helped my grandmother add a bit of a personal touch to the collar of an old vest. So to start, she sketched out this figure of a Kokopeli on a piece of scrap paper and cut it out. Depending on the complexity of your art, you may wish to scan or copy your art so the original does not get harmed.

Step two: Putting your design on your fabric

Once you are satisfied with your design, you need to draw it onto your fabric. Pin your design onto your fabric carefully so as not to tear your paper. Trace around your paper and make little dots that puncture the paper and hit the cloth to mark any lines inside of your design that you can connect the dots to later. Make sure you have fully traced it out before removing the paper.

Step three: Filling in your design with fabric paint

After you have your outline down, you may proceed to start filling in color. Note that you should always put your color down before outlining, because the outline will cover up any mistakes. The Scribbles fabric paint has a very fine tip, so you should have no problem applying the paint to your fabric, however do be cautious to stay in the lines. For smaller details you can use the head of a pin or a shish kebab skewer to spread the paint out as evenly as possible. Remember you do not want the fabric paint to be too thick or it will take forever to dry.

Step four: Outlining your creation

The final step is to outline your whole design in black. This will, as I mentioned, cover up any mistakes as well as make it look more clean and precise. Be careful and steady, because if you mess up the outline, there is no turning back. You may wish to get a parent to help you outline, or apply the outline with a skewer or head of a pin. After your outline is done, you are ready to go! If you used the glittery paint I recommended, it will be much shinier after it dries.

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