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Five Nights At Freddy’s Phone Guy Head Costume Mask Part One

This somewhat simple mask was inspired by Phone guy from Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. I always liked the phone guy, and I decided this mask would be a fun tutorial to make for halloween, or to set up on my desk and look creepy!

You will need

Cutting the box to size for your phone guy base


Start by cutting the box apart. Cut the top flaps off first. The bottom flaps on the short side panels MUST stay attached to the short side panels. Cut the long side cardboard pieces out, and on one of them trace the base of the phone, large enough to fit over your head and completely cover. Then take the other large piece of cardboard and trace and cut it to match the other piece. For the dial, I took a round bowl and traced it in the center of my front panel, where my face will be, and cut it out with my boxcutter. I also cut some thin strips of cardboard about a half inch wide out of an old box that once held valentines.

Working on your dial of the phone


Start by drawing 9 circles on the cardboard dial for your phone guy mask. Do not be afraid if you misplaced them, you will be using paint to cover up your mistakes once your dial is together. Use your boxcutter and very carefully cut out your circles. you may wish to use an Exacto instead, which you can purchase here. Leave room for a triangle piece to go on the dial, which is a pizza slice shape and will be the piece that you use to pick the numbers. Glue your triangle down with some E600. Once your holes are cut out, use some washi or painter’s tape to tape the thin cardboard to the dial, all the way around. It’s okay to go into the phone dial holes with the tape, you will be removing it later.

Detailing your Phone Dial

Once secured, use your E600 all the way around the inside of the dial and seams where the thin cardboard meets. Let it fully dry for several hours before you proceed to remove the tape and paint it silver. After the paint is dry, take your black see through cloth and glue it to the inside of the dial with E600. Let dry before you attach it to the front piece of your phone head where you cut the dial out of. I taped it from the inside with my washi tape and glued it all along the outside of the front. After the glue dries, you can leave the tape there if you want for added stability.

Stay tuned for part 2!


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