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Halloween LPS Repaint Wolf

Halloween may be over, but werewolves are always in style. This LPS custom werewolf is made out of a very bad fake- can you believe it? This LPS took an afternoon to make, but the results are worth it. His paws are almost skeletal, and he has a cute little moon in his ear. Here is how I made him with just acrylic paint and clear coat.

What you will need

Clean Workspace


As always, cover your paint area with some paper towel or newspaper, and be careful not to ruin your mother’s dining table under penalty of death. Get a cup of water and plop it off to the side until needed.

Optional Step: Removing Ink from the LPS Custom

If you don’t like torturing yourself with little reward, use a cotton swab to remove the ink from the LPS before painting it. This will make your number of base coats needed much less than what you will need if you do it my way.

Separating the Head

Rip the head off the LPS. Set the body aside and put the head onto the back of a paintbrush to hold it steady as you paint. A wooden dowel or chopstick will work just as well, and make sure you have a pencil cup nearby to dry the creature on between coats.

Making the LPS into a clean canvas

If you chose the route that takes longer, get that white paint out. Start layering the white paint in three to seven coats, or until the eyes are no longer visible. Paint the body as well with the primer to keep everything even.

Mixing Grey for the Werewolf LPS

Using a tiny amount of black to a good glob of white, mix that black into the white until you get a wolfy grey color.

Painting the Base Color

Cover the whole base of the wolf, head and body, with a coat of the grey paint. Keep covering the wolf until it is completely grey. Let it completely dry on the side.

Painting the hair of the Halloween LPS Custom

The hair of this LPS custom is quite wild. Paint the base color orange and add black streaks and purple. Let it dry and do touchups as needed. If you paint over a line you should not, dip a brush in the water and rub it over the spot while the paint is still wet to get rid of the spot and help the mistake be covered in far less coats.

Painting the Eyes of the LPS

Use white to outline the shape of the eye and how big the eye should be. Completely fill it in and add a roundish black pupil. Add a tiny bit of purple for color around the outside of the black and use a dotting tool in white paint for the light in his eyes.

Painting the Body

Paint the body with one more grey coat and let it dry. This will cover any scratches and damage that may have happened while you worked on the head.

Paw Details

The paws are a huge part of the LPS. Paint the paws all black in two coats of paint and make sure your lines are as clean as possible. Use a super thin striping brush for the white paw lines and a dotting tool for the paw pads. Allow to dry well before touching again.

Halloween LPS Wolf Ears

Paint the inside of the ears a metallic silver in one coat and allow to thoroughly dry. Use a big dotting tool on the inside of the ear to make the big moon on each ear and use a tiny dotting tool for the stars and the dots on the sides of his face.

Clear Coat

A quick coat of clear nail polish will seal in your design as well as protect the LPS from chipping. Allow to dry for about an hour to be safe as you do not want fingerprints.


And the Halloween special LPS is done. He is a more simplistic design but he is certainly cute. Happy crafting.

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