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How to Decorate a Stunning White and Silver Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming up fast, and putting up a tree can easily fall on the back burner with busy holiday hours and seasons. This gorgeous White Christmas Tree looks like it came right out of the Southern Living catalog. This tree came pre lit, and I highly recommend a pre lit tree to save a lot of time and effort. This Christmas tree took an afternoon to put up, and the results are worth it.

What you will need

 Setting up the Christmas Tree

After you have pulled the tree out of their suspiciously large tree bag, assemble the tree and plug it in to check the lights. Fluff out the tree for decorating.

Putting on the Topper Bows

After you have made the bows in my last post, tie the two big grey ones to the top of the tree on either side, with two small white bows on either side. Fluff out the bows and make them pretty again.

Wrapping the Grey Ribbon

Here comes the trickiest part of assembling this tree. Using grey ribbon, wrap it all the way around the tree loosely , so there is two loops around the front. Adjust as needed to keep the ribbon as smooth as possible.

Wrapping the White Ribbon

Do the same with the white ribbon but use more of it, making sure there are 3 loops instead of two. Adjust as needed to make the two ribbons even and straight.

Fastening the Ribbon to the White Christmas Tree

Using Christmas hooks, fasten the ribbon to the tree by hooking the ribbon and twisting the hook on a branch. This will help dogs or kids from messing up the ribbon as well as make the ribbon stay together while you put on ornaments.

Putting on the Small Bows on the White Christmas Tree

Put the grey bows along the grey ribbon and the white bows along the white ribbon. Pretty simple and adds a bit of a loving touch.

Putting White and Silver Balls on the White Christmas Tree

No Christmas tree is complete without a bunch of balls. Buy a box of them off Amazon, put hooks on them, and put them all over the tree. Don’t forget the back of the tree, or all your neighbors will think you are lame and incapable of decorating.

Covering the Holes in the White Christmas Tree Décor

Poinsettias are awesome ways to fill in gaps. Put white and silver poinsettias all over the tree where there are any large displeasing gaps.

Adding Special Ornaments

We all have ornaments that we always put up no matter what. We have an adipose, a pickle, Ariel, and of course a Tardis hidden on our tree.

Vacuuming up the Glitter

Now that your floor is covered in pixie dust, the Dyson is here to help. The Dyson will quickly and effectively get rid of all of tinker bell’s snot that covers your floor.

Setting up the Tree Skirt

After the glitter is quarantined, tie the tree skirt on the tree base and tuck the knots out of sight. Don’t hide the button that is needed to turn the lights on and off.

Adding a Poodle

Poodles are important. This lovely grey poodle decided the tree skirt was obviously the best place to nap, or maybe he enjoyed seeing the tree from a different angle. Either way, he made the best pictures for Christmas cards.


Your tree now looks amazingly gorgeous, Santa will be very impressed. Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

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