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How to Draw a Poodle

Poodles are highly intelligent and hypoallergenic dogs. They may seem to just be prissy show dogs, but they are very protective and loving as well. Their pretty haircuts can be a bit of a challenge to draw, however it can be done.

What you will need

To Draw a Poodle, Start with Basic Outlines

Start by drawing a thin triangle on the paper, at about a 60 degree angle. Leave the bottom part open and draw an inch line on one side, to represent the tail. For the head, draw a circle at the angle on top of the triangle. Draw an oval on top of the circle to represent the hair poofiness, and make a short muzzle that seems oddly too wide for the dog, because later on the mouth will be drawn open. Don’t worry, art usually does not make sense until it is completed.

Develop the Floof of the Poodle Drawing

Add another line for the tail that starts at a point and goes down to the rear. Draw a small circle at the tip to make it look like a poodle tail. Draw a big fluffy coat on the dog, think of cotton candy. Create another line coming out of the floof to make the front paw facing you, and add an oval to make the pompom, or a circle. Make a triangle to represent a bent paw and add a poof of hair to the end as well as draw a curved line for the back paw and add a pompom there as well. Add a lower jaw with a water drop shape for a tongue. The ear is a half oval that covers the neck, going down to the furry coat and looping back up to the fro.

how to draw a poodle

Fixing Minor Issues and Making your Lines Stand Out

Now is the time to go back and erase some base lines, cleaning up the drawing thoroughly. Any mistakes you made, erase them, anything on it that bothers you, alter it now. Once you have put the marker marks on the paper, there is no erasing or going back. Once you are completely satisfied, go over the drawing with the marker and outline everything. After outlining, go over it with an eraser to get any leftover pencil marks for a clean and well put together touch.

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