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DIY Galaxy Jar

So, after tinkering around for a month or two and a bit of researching, I learned how to make galaxies in a jar. Here is my simple tutorial for how I made my galaxy jar.

Galaxy Jar Materials

Step 1: Set up to make the Galaxy Jar

Start by taking four shot glasses and set them out. Make sure they are clean and dry, and make sure your paints are opened and ready to use, and that your glass bottle is clean so that the galaxy can really shine through.

Step 2: Add Water to the Jar

Pour water from a water bottle into all four glasses, only about ten drops or a capful at most. Make sure your water is clean and each glass the same amount of water.

Step 3: Add Glitter (Optional)

Sprinkle a little bit of glitter into each shot glass to make the stars of your galaxy jar. Remember less is more, so do not add more than a pinch to each glass.

 Step 4: Paint the Jar

Next we need to set up the paint part of it. Start by taking a cotton swab and dipping the tip directly in the bottle of paint, getting a huge glob.

 Step 5: Mix Your Galaxy

After you have gotten a glob of paint, put it into one of the shot glasses and stir well to mix the water, the paint and the glitter. If you would like to make the paint thicker, you may add a few drops of Elmer’s clear glue to your mix to make it thicker.

Step 6: Add Cotton Swabs

Now that the paints are mixed thoroughly with water, leave the stirring swabs in the shot glasses and pull out a fistful of clean swabs. Use your pliers to pick them up one by one and put them in the bottom of the glass jar, I used about ten for this project.

Step 7: Pour the Paint in the Jar

Slowly pour the black paint into the jar, covering the cotton swabs. Wait a moment for the swabs to absorb the paint.

Step 8: Pour the Mixture Freestyle 

Pour each of the colors one by one into the jar slowly, so that the colors layer up. Try to make the layers as even as possible, and do not worry about not using all the paint.


Step 9: Finish Your Galaxy Jar

Place the cork in and start taking pictures for Instagram! This beautiful galaxy in a jar will last a short while if untouched and the colors will slowly mix. You could also have used oil for two of the colors with some food dye for longer lasting colors.

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