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Make a Kawaii Watermelon Slice Charm

Watermelon is a refreshing treat in the summer, and can be eaten in a few different ways, such as frozen into ice cubes and gnawed on. This watermelon slice charm looks good enough to eat, and makes an adorable accessory.


Step 1: Gather the Materials to Make a Watermelon Slice Charm

Start by rolling out little balls of each color you need, with equal amounts of light pink, red, light green, slightly less translucent, and a bit of extra dark green. Separate the red and the pastel pink.

Step 2: Mix the Pink and Red

Mix the pastel pink and red together. Roll it into a ball once thoroughly mixed together.

Step 3: Start Shaping the Clay

Shape the watermelon pinkish red lump into a D shape. Make it thicker than you think it should be, like a little chubby watermelon slice from the juiciest of watermelons.

Step 4: Make the White Part of the Watermelon Slice Charm

Roll out the transparent Sculpey and stick it onto the curved part of the watermelon slice. Press and shape it on as evenly as you can, slightly flattening out the chubby watermelon.

Step 5: Make the Light Green Part of the Watermelon Slice Charm

Add the light green, which represents that transition color between the rind and the outer… skin? of the watermelon. Press and apply the same way you applied the transparent Sculpey, gently pressing it down and blending it in. Do not feel bad about not using all of the light green, it is not needed unless you want a very rind-y watermelon.

Step 6: Add the Dark Green Sculpey to the Watermelon Slice Charm

Roll out a thick piece of dark green and wrap it around on top of the translucent and light green clay. Press down firmly, making sure your little watermelon slice is at least a ¼ inch thick, preferably closer to a half of an inch.

Step 7: Add Watermelon Seeds

Roll out the black clay and tears off little pieces so that you get sort of black tear drop shapes, like when you stab your eye with the mascara brush on accident. Attach them to the watermelon on both sides and the middle, no more than 5 seeds per side. Nobody likes overly seedy watermelon!

Step 8: Prepare the Wire for Charming

Using your pliers, bend off about an inch of wire and twist it into a loop with the ends pronged, as shown above. Make sure to turn it two or three times for maximum stability.

 Step 9: Make It a Charm

Stick the wire prong side down into the clay. Press around and blend the clay over the wire as seamlessly as possible.

Step 10: Bake your Watermelon Slice Charm

Do it yourself watermelon charm polymer clay pendant

Start the oven at 275 F and wait for it to heat up. Once the oven is heated, put your charm in for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 11: Glaze and Finish

Optionally you may coat the charm in Sculpey glaze or nail polish. If you choose to use nail polish, apply the nail polish thickly to make the charm more glazy and shiny. Happy crafting.

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