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Sculpting a Tiny Polymer Clay Sea Dragon Princess

I tend to sculpt a lot of dragons, but they are just so cool I can’t help it. Here is how I made this little pink clay sea dragon to sleep on any stack of papers as a paperweight or on a shelf.

What you will need

Working on a clean Surface

Start off by putting the foil on the pan. Working directly on this surface will ensure your workspace is clean and will help with cleaning up as well.

 Body of the Sea Dragon

Start by rolling out your clay and curling it up how a sleeping dragon lays, and adjusting the tail as needed.

Making the Head Shape of the Sea Dragon

Make a rounded teardrop shaped snout, and carve a line to represent the closed eyelid. Attach to the body.

Back Paws

I decided she didn’t need front paws, but as the back paws were visible I had to sculpt them. Take four balls of clay and press two on top of the other two at an angle. Attach gently to the side of the dragon and add lines for paw detail.

Starting the Tail Fin of the Sea Dragon Princess

Add two streaks of hot pink on either side, as long and wide as you want the tail to be.

Finishing the Tail

Continue adding more long pieces to the tail to make it fluffy, until it is fluffy enough for your preference.


The wings are really important. Roll out purple clay and cut out two wing shapes. Add light pastel pink to the wing in strips to make the muscular parts of the wing, and add details as needed.

Making Horns

The two purple horns on her head are simple, roll out two extended cone shapes and securely attach them to the head. Use wire if needed for stability.

Attaching the Wings to the Body

Plop the wings on the body and press them to the back, flopping one over the tail slightly to help keep it secure. Press gently but do not maul your creation.

Back Scales of the Baby Sea Dragon

The back scales are a mix of pastel and hot pink. Mix the colors almost all the way and roll it into a bunch of balls of clay. Press them onto the back of the dragon, sneakily covering where the wing joins the body.

Added Detail

Add a pearl to the nose and some dots to the face and wings to make her look even more special.

Smoothing out

Use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a soft brush to gently get off any fingerprints or dust before baking, for the best look possible.

Baking the Polymer Clay Creation

Pop her in the oven at 275 for about 15 minutes and allow to cool for at least half an hour before touching or glazing.


And you are done, this little clay sea dragon princess will spend her days sleeping in the sun or air conditioning or wherever seems suitable. Happy crafting!

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