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Polymer clay Ducky Pond Habitat with No Resin

If you remember my polymer clay ducky tutorial, this is a quick and fun craft to do with your tiny friend. Even duckies need proper habitats.

What you will need:

Step 1: Mix your Poison

Start by dumping a lot of blue and iridescent glitter into your container. A lot of glitter. Like, so much glitter. All the glitter and then some. Add a tiny bit of clear glue to turn the glitter into a thick paste. This will ensure it dries with minimal shrinkage. Stir well.

Filling the Mold

Using the plastic cork cap thing from the inside of the glue bottle, fill almost to the top and smooth down with the stirring stick. Try to avoid air bubbles by packing it in as much as possible.


Allow the blue stuff to cure for about 2 days, as the glitter makes the glue dry slower. Do not remove the glittery chunk yet, we still have more work to do yet.

Placing the Ducky

Next add some more glittery glue and set the ducky into the glue. Make sure he does not fall over. I also had an LPS shovel accessory I placed into the pool with the ducky and spread some more on the shovel to make it look like it is scooping up the water.

More Glittery Water

Add more glitter glue around the base of the duck and smooth it everything over again.

Curing Again

Let it sit for another day to cure away from the sunlight to avoid ruining the glitter.

Last Layer

Put a plain layer of clear glue for a smooth and glossy effect. Allow the whole thing to cure for another two or three days, as adding the layers reactivates the other bottom layers and so they all need to dry completely before you remove it.

Pulling it Out

Next gently pull on the ducky and the shovel to get it out of the mold. It should come out easily as the plastic is smooth and fairly glue resistant. If any pieces break off, just glue them back on while nobody is looking.

Gluing the Ducky Pond to the Rock

Using the medium size stone, glue the ducky pond about in the middle using Krazy Glue. Be careful not to get this kind of glue on your hands as it is very difficult to remove and may be dangerous. Have a parent supervise or do this step for you if you feel nervous or wear rubber gloves in case you accidentally glue your fingers together.

Decorating the Rock

Glue the succulents and little gems of all shapes and sizes all over the rock for a pretty magical ducky pond look. Be careful of glue dripping off the rocks, as you may glue your rock to the table.

Intensifying Glitter

Add your extra glitter goo left over from the pond itself and drip and spread all over the rock like tiny waterfalls. Go over them with clear nail polish to help protect them from chipping off.


And the project is finished. This little environment makes a fun paperweight or glittery friend to perch on your windowsill. Happy crafting!

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