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How to Draw a Pie using Pencils and Pens

Who doesn’t love a warm, fresh baked pie? Pies are a wonderful treat and come in so many flavors. This cute little pie… is Pie flavored. Very rare and very elusive, this pie flavored pie is a super cute little doodle and can be broken down into a few very easy to follow steps.

What you will need

How to Draw a Pie Starting with a Squiggle

Ah, yes. The squiggle. This entire post is because I drew a very cute wiggly line. Draw a smooth squiggly line across the paper, not too long but not to short either. A good proportionate pie is very important to the survival of humanity. It does not need to be perfectly even or clean, it just needs to be a good squiggle.

How to Draw a Pie Crust

Draw a small dome shape above the squiggle, about a centimeter from either side. Continue to draw the squiggle around the dome, to make the pie crust look 3D and not just like a flat, weird, floppy crust. This is a good opportunity to make sure your dome is not too rounded. Pies are a little round and also a little flat, so make sure your pie does not look like it belongs in the ocean with a squirrel living inside. (Spongebob reference!)

Drawing the Pie’s Tin

A pie without a tin is just a big mess. Draw two slanted short lines under each side of the squiggly line and connect them with a bottom line, which is the bottom of the tin. Don’t make your bottom line curved, even though it adds depth it is not needed in this particular circumstance.

How to Draw a Pie Tin Detailed

Add lines going around the pie tin at a slant away from either corner of the squiggle. This means the lines should be straight in the middle and curving in on either side. No flat pie tins here.

Adding Holes to the Pie

Pie has holes in it to properly ventilate the insides, and prevent a messy explosion. Draw long teardrops all over the top of the pie, sort of surrounding the center. You can also color in the teardrops to reveal the color of the pie underneath.

Optionally Adding the Shadow

If you want, you can draw a shadow under the base of the pie to make your pie look like it is properly grounded. My pie was sort of floating in space so I chose to leave it that way, as space pie is the best pie.

Coloring the Pie

Depending on how thick the paper is, you can color it with markers and pencils to make an absolutely stunning pie. If you put several holes in the pie, you can even make it rainbow flavored.

How to Draw a Pie Midair

To make the pie appear to be mid flight, draw some small lines behind the pie after tilting the pie at an angle. This will give the impression that the pie has been thrown and is in transit to someone’s face. Yummy.


And now you have a wonderful little pie drawing. This would work great as a design for a Shrinky Dink or for a notebook cover. Good luck and Happy Crafting

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