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How to Create a Cage or Jail for Plushies and Dolls

On the internet I noticed a lack of tutorials for doll and stuffed animal cages, so I decided to make one. Here is how I made a dollhouse cage in less than an hour.

What you will need:

Measuring the Plush or Doll to make the Dollhouse Jail

Start by measuring how long, wide, and tall your doll or stuffed animal is. This will make building the cage much easier. Make it a little bigger than the plush or the doll so that it will easily fit.

Measuring the Plastic Canvas for the Cage

Next, once you figure out the size, measure the canvas to make sure you have enough. You will need two pieces. Use a Sharpie to draw your line.

Cutting the Canvas

Plastic canvas is basically a bunch of squares cut into flexible plastic. Cut outside of the row of squares closest to your cage size you need. Do not cut the edge off the square as this will make things harder to handle.

Preparing the Glue gun to make the Stuffed Animal Cage

Plug in the hot glue gun into the wall or extension cord. Make sure to set it down somewhere it won’t burn or melt anything. Allow the hot glue gun to heat up.

Why hot Glue Rolls Rock

We all know that moment when the hot glue runs out in the middle of trying to glue something. Especially something big. Instead of adding new sticks every two minutes, these rolls of hot glue will continuously go for practically forever. Wind the glue around your arm, stick it in the glue gun, and glue on.

Measuring the Sticks and Cutting

After figuring out the height of the cage, cut all of the sticks down to size and lay them out to make sure your spacing is correct.

Making the Frame to Glue the Cage Bars to

Next glue sticks to the side of the top and bottom pieces of Canvas. This will ensure stability as well as give a solid place to glue things to. Go around the back part of the cage too.

Gluing the Side Bars on

Working on the bottom piece of canvas first, glue all the popsicle sticks onto the inside of the frame. Work on one side at a time. Let the glue dry on each stick before moving on to the next. Glue it to the top after all the sides are done on the bottom to make things easier.

Reinforcing the Bars

Using other popsicle sticks, add a middle bar to all three sides. Be careful not to burn yourself, this step is tricky.

Gluing the back of the Stuffed Animal Cage

For the back of the cage, use less popsicle sticks and leave good wide gaps. This is where the plush or doll will look out.

Measuring the Canvas to make a door

To make the cage door, figure out how much canvas you will need to cover the last side of the cage. Measure and cut until you get the right size.

Gluing the Cage Door On

Because this plastic stuff does not work well with hinges, it is best to simply glue one side of the makeshift door to the side of the cage. Allow the glue to dry with the door closed.

Checking the Glue Seams

Go back to all the seams and make sure there is no extra glue or places that need more, remember the glue melts again if you touch the tip of the glue gun to the glue.


Now you can safely contain any tiny criminals. Happy Crafting!

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