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How to Make a Crayola Model Magic Sea Monster in 10 Minutes

Recently, the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida had a lovely homeschool program on Greek Mythology. In one of the activities, we were given a sheet of paper with some ideas for mythological creatures and a block of Crayola Model Magic and were told to make whatever we want. I decided to make a cute little sea dragon out of some red Model Magic.

What you will need

Sculpt the Head

Start by making the top part of the head. Take a blob of model magic and roll it into a ball. Make it a tear drop shape and use your pinkie to make it hollow inside and to shape the muzzle. Poke nostril holes with your nail.

Make the Bottom Jaw

Make a flat triangle piece and mush it onto the top piece, mostly blending it where the brain part of the head is. This will later connect to the neck.

Eyes and Eyelids

For the eyes, since we are in a rush, stick a couple of googly eyes onto the face where eyes should be. Add thin snakes of Model Magic over the top of the eyes to hold them in and to make him look grumpy and derpy at the same time. Googly Googly.

Body of the Crayola Model Magic Sea Monster

Using about a third of the block of clay, make a ball and shape it into a tear drop. Keep rolling it out to make the tail, torso, and neck. Bend the end that does not have the pointed tip up, so that the head can be attached. Wet the model magic slightly on the top of the neck and mash the head on the body of the sea monster.

Fins of the Beast

Roll out two equally sized pieces of clay into flat tear drop shapes and attach the narrow end to the body under the neck where the chest should be. This will help the dragon stand up a bit better, so he is not face planting into the table repeatedly. Use your nail to carve little bits of clay off of the fin to make it look more finlike and add detail.

Tail fin or the Fluke

For the tail, use half of what was left  of the model magic and turn it into a fin by making a flat triangle shape and rounding the edges. I added optional detail to the end of the tail to make it look the way it does by using a pipe cleaner or dowel or anything you have laying around to make the notch in the middle and then making the details from there. I set the end of the tail into the fin and pressed it on carefully.

Back Spikes of your Crayola Model Magic Sea Monster


The back spikes are the most simple part. I used the remaining clay to make a bunch of little cone shapes and attached them on the back of the head and all down his back.

Allow to dry

Model magic takes 72 hours to fully dry, however you can move your sea dragon immediately if you are careful, and it will dry to the touch within 24 hours. You may choose to paint him or leave him the way he is and you are done. Happy Crafting!

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