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DIY Air Plant Holder

Air plants are quite fascinating, how they can grow without any soil or roots. Because of this, the options for air plant holders are much more different than those for plants with dirt. For instance, you can make a very strange air plant holder out of… plastic shot glasses?

What you will need

Gathering and Starting your Air Plant Holder

Start by getting three shot glasses of matching colors and turning them upside down. Set a shot glass of a different color aside, and the other three shotglasses that match the first three. Plug in your hot glue gun or have an adult plug it in and set it aside on a table or other surface that will not melt or catch fire. Be careful not to bump the cord, as hot glue guns are lightweight. Make sure to have at least three glue sticks on hand, ready to use.

Gluing All the Things Together on your Air Plant Holder

Arrange the three shot glasses in a triangle. Glue the base of two of them together with a small dab of hot glue. Glue the other one at two points on the bottom to the other two shot glasses, reforming the triangle. Remember not to use too much hot glue or your air plant holder will not look as good. Hot glue will remelt if you use the tip of the gun to heat it, and will allow you to remove any excess. Be careful not to melt the plastic shot glasses. Glue the three outer shot glasses to make It look like a set of bowling pins. Put a shot glass on each side of the triangle to ensure stability.

Finishing Touches on your Air Plant Holder Plus Proper Air Plant Care Information

Glue the base shot glass upside down to the triangle once uprighted to finish off the holder. Add at least one or two air plants in the center to weight it down, or hot glue a few glass beads to the inside of the middle shot glasses to keep it weighted down. Once a week to care for your air plants, take them out and soak them in a bath of water for about half an hour. Once a month, soak your air plants for one to two hours. Trim any dead ends or leaves that are leeching from the plant. A properly cared for air plant will last for up to five years. Good luck and happy crafting!

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