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5 Ways to Make your Fake LPS Collie Look Real

Recently I got the famous LPS Collie 1262 online, sadly she was a fake. Luckily, I got a good fake and I knew how to make her seem very real. Here are the steps I took to make my LPS Collie look real with just a few minutes of work and basic knowledge of the pet.

What you will need

Before you get Started: Learning About your New Pet

Just because the pet you received has matte eyes, does not mean the original has shiny eyes. I often watch review videos on youtube of people who bought lots of pets on Ebay to see what the real genuine pets look like to compare the fake to. Some of the older pets have matte eyes and paint, or they may have shiny paint and eyes, or a mixture of matte and shiny paint, as well as small details a collector may notice that a normal person on Instagram may not.

Adding Gloss to the Eyes of the Fake LPS Collie

If your matte eyed fake needs shiny eyes, this is a super easy solution. Get down to the local pharmacy and buy some cheap clear nail polish. Apply this to only the eye and maybe eyelashes, and do not play with it on the eye. Get a good glob of the polish on and leave it alone, because the ink used to print on the eye can be ruined by the polish if you use too many brush strokes. You can also buy a matte top coat and coat the eyes with that if it is an older pet.

Repainting Details

Sometimes fakes will forget things like the LPS logo on the back of the head or fur streaks. On my Fake LPS Collie, I had problems with the feet being badly painted. Match the paint in acrylic and paint the details on with a very fine brush. Be patient and do several coats, and use a clear coat on the acrylic to seal it in.

Sanding Obvious Seams off the Fake LPS Collie

Sometimes on the body and the head, there will be random seams poking out where the plastic was fused together. Just sand that off and pretend it never happened. Make sure at this point that the head is also secured on and well.

Dressing Up the Fake LPS Collie

Have you ever heard of painting over the opossum? Sometimes if you don’t feel like properly making over the LPS, just fix up the face and stick a pretty LPS dress onto the back of the pet to cover up the body and you’re good to go. It was super easy to make a skirt by running a basting stitch through a little piece of orange fabric and tying it on.

Adding or Removing the Magnet

Sometimes the fakes will have fake magnets or need a magnet. If it needs a magnet, just stick a piece of clay or eraser into the space on the bottom of the foot and paint it pink. Sometimes the magnet will be blue, so… just change your paint color. Nobody takes photos of the LPS laying down that way anyway, so there’s really not much to work on anyway.

Other Things to Watch For in Fake LPS Collies

Sometimes, fake LPS Collies can be so bad they are unsalvageable. I recommend doing a fun repaint of these terrible fakes or maybe just tossing them. The classic tricks of fake LPS are bad pink magnets, white neck pegs, and bad facial paint. Good luck and happy crafting!

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