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Grey and White LPS cat Paint Custom

LPS are some of the most fun old toys to customize, and customs can sell for quite a bit. This custom LPS was done on a fake base, and seems quite simplistic. This LPS took all day to paint and blend, but the result was worth it. This LPS was bought in a bag of 20 fakes for under 10 dollars, so messing this LPS  custom up was no big deal.

What you will need

Removing the paint off the Body of the LPS Custom

First thing that will need to happen to this poor fake Littlest Pet Shop is the paint on the figure needs to be removed. Using pure acetone and a cotton swab or Q tip, rub away any paint, ink, or smears. Do not dip the LPS in acetone as leaving the plastic in acetone will make it melt.

Painting a Base Coat on the Littlest Pet Shop

It is best to start off with a fresh clean base, so using a soft brush and white acrylic paint, cover the LPS in 2-3 coats. The color of the plastic underneath should be invisible. I find it helpful to take the head and body apart and put the head on a stick so I have something easier to hold as I paint the head.

Mixing Grey

This LPS is going to be a mix of both grey and white, in a gradient across the face and body. Mix a little black paint in white paint until you get a dark grey. Put the paint in a small container to keep it from drying out between coats.

Painting both Halves

Paint one more coat of white paint on half of the face and body, and grey on the other. This base coloring will help as you start to blend the colors, and I regret not doing it because it would have saved a lot of time spent repainting the figure to get it just right.

Blending Wet Paint on the LPS Custom

Next, put some dark grey on a flat plastic surface, along with white. Bring the two colors to meet in the middle, making almost a grey scale of pigments. Paint this on in the middle of the figure, blending it in as best as you can. You may need to paint the white and dark grey on either side of the face and body a little more, so the paint is smooth.

Marking the LPS Eyes

Using a pencil or either black or white paint, mark where you want the eyes to be and fill them in. Adjust as needed to make them symmetrical. I recommend doing a clear coat over the head and letting it dry overnight before you move on to the next step, as the acrylic will be able to be washed off the face if you make a mistake, as long as you catch it fairly quickly.

Painting the White of the Eye

Optionally, you can paint white in the corners of the eyes. Adding the white to the eyes will make the LPS seem cute and lifelike. Optionally, you can choose a light color of what the iris will be, such as a pale green, if white does not seem to be working in your favor. Use a fine brush for detail work on the eyes.

How to get rid of Mistakes in the Eyes

Say you are painting the eyes, and the brush dragon decides to pay a visit and bump your hand. Don’t panic, wash off your brush in the dirty paint water and dry it off. Get some more water on the tip of your brush and gently wipe the water over the acrylic to make it watery, and dry the brush again. Go back in with the dry brush and wipe off that messy acrylic paint.

Painting the Color on the Eyes of the Custom

After the whites are on and the paint dragon has been banished, proceed to move on to the iris with a fine brush. Do not rush the eyes, take your time and blend in golds, whites, and dark greens to the light green base. After you are satisfied with the eyes, paint the pupil using the same brush, and make him look like he is looking up cutely with semicircle shapes.

Making the Spots on the LPS Custom

Spots can be done with dotting tools or the backs of paint brushes. Dip it in the paint generously and plop it straight down onto the body of the LPS. You will need to dip the end of the brush often in the paint, about every other spot. Spots can be all different sizes based on how much paint is on your brush.

Clear Coating the LPS Custom

Next, put a coat of clear nail polish on the LPS to seal in the paint and protect the LPS. Reassemble the LPS by popping the head back on, and pretend you didn’t brutally rip the head off a plastic toy, burn its eyes off, and completely cover it in paint.


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