Cats are one of the easiest things to learn to draw. Lately, I have seen a lot of tutorials on drawings of cats based off of the letter “N.”  Here’s an easy drawing tutorial of kitty with a bit of corruption. 

What you need:

Draw the Cat’s Head and Body Lines

Start off by making a candy corn shaped head with rounded edges. This may take a few tries to perfect, do not be afraid to erase any mistakes along the way. From that, draw two lines going straight down. At the base of the line going down that the cat’s nose is facing away from, draw the curve of the tail. The tail should be an S shape.

Doodle the Cat’s Paws and Belly

The guideline closer to the cat’s face is also the back of its leg. Draw a leg coming out from the other side of the body with the paw hitting right at the base of the line. The paw is a sort of oval shape with a sharp edge touching the ground, representing a claw. Feel free to add detail to the foot, separating the claw from the paw and making toes. The belly is a curved line going to about where your back feet are, which is just a circle and oval connected with the toes hidden behind the front paw.

Draft the Cat’s Ears and Tail

Draw another line above the S shape attached to the rear end of your doodle cat. I just realized my cat’s paws look like front flippers of a seal, so you may need to ajust the angle of the feet. The ears are drawn on either side of the head and are shaped sort of like furry devil horns. They are on the curved edges of the upper part of the triangle. The ears slightly curve up, making the cat look more comical and curious.

Facial expression

For the face, draw a line going down the middle of its face and another curved line going across where the eyes will rest on. The eyes are oval shaped with a point in the corners where they would meet up with the muzzle. Make them quite large so your cat looks extra creepy. Draw a pupil shaped like a triangle inside each eye, slightly cross eyed. Add a little heart shaped nose and a mouth and you are done. You may color in the doodle kitty or leave him as is.

Hummingbirds can be a little challenging to draw, with their long beaks and odd body shape. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a cute hummingbird worth showing off and being proud of.

What you will need:

Step 1: Drawing the Outlines of the Hummingbird Drawing

Start by looking at pictures of real hummingbirds. The head is a small circle shape, the body is a long oval and the tail is a little triangle shaped attached to the rear of the oval. The beak comes out of the circle that is the head and is not perfectly straight. The beak is a slightly curved shape that goes out about as far as the head is wide.

Step 2: Connect and Fix Errors in your Hummingbird Drawing

Next, make the body of the hummingbird based on real hummingbirds. So the top of the head goes forward a bit to reach the beak smoothly, and goes back down the belly all the way to the butt of the bird. The wings extend all the way out on the back about halfway across the oval and angle back down. Draw an extra line about a third from the wing tip down to the body to mark where feathers go. Draw a big round eye on the head to creepily stare out of the page at anyone who walks by. Do not forget to mark a small curved line in the edge of the circle for the white of the eye.

Step 3: Details and Finish of the Hummingbird Drawing

Then look again at the real hummingbird. The tail is very beautiful and can be difficult to draw. If problems arise with drawing the tail, make it your own design in the hummingbird drawing. Swirls like from my phoenix tutorial seem to work very well. The wings start at the feathers at the edges. Go from the line inside the wing and go out to just barely inside the line on the outside, drawing a row of feathers that are somewhat even and alike. Then the inside of the wing feathers go from the inside line to the top of the wing, make sure the bottom part of the feather on all the feathers are about the same size. Erase any guidelines as the drawing part is done. You may choose to color with markers, pencils, crayons, or pastel, however my hummingbird was left in black and white.