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So, I have a little Derpasaur that I made, which is inspired from one of the dinosaurs in the ruins of Bongoland. I wanted to enter him in a contest just for fun, and as he was a bit delicate, I felt he needed to be protected in a case of some sort. However, this idea could protect any of your polymer clay projects that you would like to keep forever. What you will need:
Do you or someone you know have anger management issues that are irritating you or others around you? Is it to the point that you want to scoop their or your own eyeballs out with a half eaten banana? Maybe try reading this post before you do that. Channel your anger creatively: Drawing and painting Sometimes it helps with anger issues to draw, paint or sculpt, anything creative. For some people it may help to
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Mosaic glass is not a very difficult hobby to learn. However, it does take some time to make and there are some things that can be a bit annoying to do. With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can master mosaic-making quickly! Basic things you need to start: A glass scorer Glass (of course) Glass breakers.. do not take the plastic caps off, they are there to protect your glass. Silicon glue
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This fun little friend is simple to draw and good for beginners, or just for testing out a new pastel set. You can use any colors you would like, I simply chose these colors because I was making it more Halloween themed. However, it would look just as good in shades of yellow to green or in dark and light shades of blue and purple. What you need: Pencil Eraser Red pastel Yellow pastel Orange
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Your glue is dry. Now what? After you have read Stained Glass Rose Mosaic Part 1 and completed all the steps, it should be the next day after you glued your last pieces down. So now… we get to play with grout! Go outside and pour some of the powdery grout into your bucket, being careful not to touch it or get it in your lungs. I recommend wearing gloves starting from this point. Slowly
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This beautiful stained glass rose mosaic is lit from behind and can be hung anywhere, not just the window! This rose is inspired by the one from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and uses five different kinds of glass, as well as glass marbles. Although the finished piece looks expensive, it’s really not. It’s also not that hard to make. Unlike traditional stained glass, which is made with lead came or copper foil, mosaics are
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Most children play with stuffed animals, but there are not a lot of tutorials for making accessories for pretend play with stuffed animals. Most tutorials for pretend play are for dolls instead. Here, I’m making a sleeping bag for a medium-sized stuffed animal. Kids can pretend their stuffed animals are going to a sleep over and need a sleeping bag to join in the fun. Supplies: A sweater, preferably fleece Needle Thread Scissors Sharpie Plushie–
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Sculpey is extremely versatile. You can make pretty much anything you want out of it. While I was making the Sculpey Sea Dragon, I realized how easy it would be to make a mermaid tail charm. The process is very similar, and if you are following along with my tutorials, you probably already have everything you need to make the mermaid tail charm. Supplies: Wire Pliers Toothpick Gold paint Green paint Purple paint Clear nail
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Sculpey sea dragons are adorable and creepy at the same time. You can make them with their paws out to hold a pencil or other small objects, too! They are easier to make than they look. You will need: Sculpey Wire Pliers Green paint Blue paint Pink paint A sky blue non metallic for a base coat A toothpick  Prepare the Wire Base Start by using your pliers to bend out and cut some wire
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Stitch is a very cute Disney character that can be difficult to draw, However this helpful tutorial inspired by Disney’s art festival makes it much easier to handle! While sketching stitch, I met Vlogger Brandon, from Brandon GoesRawrr. He inspired me to make this tutorial. We were not allowed to use erasers, so I challenge you to draw without one! Sketch lightly so that your mistakes can be ignored.  Here are some of my favorite
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