I learned a very simple way to make a tea cozy for any teapot, and thought I would share it. With a machine this simple and easy project should not take longer than an hour, by hand it will take significantly longer to sew the tea cozy.

What you will need

Make your Tea Cozy Pattern

Start by taping the lid on the teapot so it does not slip off. Roll out your butcher paper on the floor and lay the teapot on its side on the paper. Trace around the teapot, leaving about a 2 to 3 inch extra on the sides and top. The extra room will help the cozy slip on and off easily as well as keep the tea warm in the pot. After you have your pattern traced, cut it out.


Making a Second Pattern out of Muslin: Do Not Skip this Step

After you make your pattern out of paper, make a prototype tea cozy out of muslin. Weight down the paper onto the muslin with some fabric weights and trace it. Your muslin should be doubled so you have two halves to sew. Cut it out with scissors and do a basting stitch around the top of the tea cozy with a one inch seam allowance. Put the prototype over the teapot to make sure it works, and edit as needed.

Cut and Create your Tea Cozy

After your muslin pattern is correct, you can pin it down to the quilted fabric with your weights and cut it out. Your quilted fabric should be doubled up, and your muslin pattern should be just laying flat over your fabric. Take your rope and clip it between the two layers inside out, so that the rope part is facing inwards and the other ribbon-like part is facing outward. Clip all the way around the curve, leaving the bottom open and about a inch on each side unclipped and unsewn. Sew the rope and two halves together using a backwards stitch. Be careful to sew as close to that rope as you can, so that the ribbonlike part does not show.

The Tricky part: Bias Tape

When you have your ribbon sewn in securely, flip the tea cozy inside out and start using your bias tape. Bias tape should be whip stitched onto the edges of your tea cozy. You will need two pieces, one for each side of the tea cozy. First stitch your rope down and cover the end that will fray with the bias tape on the inside of the tea cozy. Whipstitch all the way down, leaving the inch gap on either side open. Sew the same way to the rope on the other side. Then flip it inside out and whipstitch the inch gap closed on both sides, and you are done. Your tea cozy may be washed on delicate and hung out to dry when needed.

This adorable sculpey polymer clay charm is easy to make and sure to look fabulous on your bookbag, around your neck, or maybe even on your friend.

What you need

Roll out some Sculpey Polymer Clay

Start by cutting a two pieces of parchment that are a fairly decent size to roll your clay out between. You should need about a foot of parchment. Roll out a golf ball size amount of Sculpey. Place your sculpey between the two parchment pieces. Roll it out with your rolling pin until it is about ¼ inch thick. Make sure you are rolling on a stable, flat surface to ensure your sculpey is the proper thickness.

Cookie cutting time


Use your cookie cutter to cut out two heart shapes from the clay. I used my finger to smooth the edges a bit for a cleaner appearance on the sides that will be facing out. You can always make little sprinkles and put them on the cookie halves. Just roll out clay thinly and cut it into little pieces. I poked the top heart with a toothpick to give it the texture on the edges.

Cutting your Wire to Make your Creation a Polymer Clay Charm

To make my little cookie a charm, I cut about an inch of wire off the roll and twisted it carefully. I held the spiked ends of the wire in the pliers and twisted it three or four times. I also bent the two ends out like an anchor, so it will not slip out of the clay once in.

Roll out your Icing for Your Sculpey Cookie

Just like you would with the sprinkles, roll out a piece of sculpey. However you will want to roll out your sculpey to about 1/8 thickness. After you have a long piece rolled out, double it up and see if you have enough to go all the way around the cookie with plenty of slack.

Twist it and wrap it around the edge of the bottom cookie. Start at the middle and wind out, and curl up the rest of the clay into the center. Press your wire piece into the middle of the heart into the extra icing and cover the base of the wire with the clay so it stays secure. Press your top cookie gently on top. Bake at 275 Fahrenheit for about half an hour.

Painting your Polymer Clay Cookie

After your sculpey polymer clay friend has cooled completely, you can finally paint it. I used nail polish for durability, because I am making it into a necklace. I recommend you use a fine brush with a fine nail polish brush which you can get here for the icing. Paint the icing first, it will be the hardest to paint. Make sure to get in all the gaps and allow it to fully dry. After the icing is dry, I painted the top and bottom cookies pink. I used a toothpick to make sure there is no polish in the holes on the front cookie. Once your two halves are dry, you can choose to add a face with sharpies, otherwise you are done. This sharpie set that you can obtain here should be enough for all your sharpie needs.

How to make peas in a pod

These little peas are the perfect kawaii accessory for any charm bracelet. This is a very simple and easy to follow tutorial for three little pea pod friends.

What you will need:

Step One: Making the Peas

For the three peas in a pod, soften the light green clay in your hands and roll out three identical balls. If you do not have access to green clays, make the three peas out of normal white sculpey and bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Paint them light green and set aside.

Step Two: a Pod for the Three Peas

If you have dark green Sculpey, roll it out and shape it around the peas carefully, squishing the ends around them and gently encasing them in the green, making sure they are still exposed. Poke a hole in the top of the pea pod with a skewer for the chain or tie to go through to make it a charm. If only white Sculpey is available, roll it out and do mostly the same thing but take the peas out and bake the shell for about 10 minutes at 275. Paint the shell dark green and glue your peas in with krazy glue once fully dried.

Bake and Finish your Peas

Bake the three peas in a pod for about thirty minutes and take it out. Allow your pea pod to cool for about an hour and then you should be good to paint it. If you intend to glaze your peas, use black acrylic paint instead of a sharpie. Draw little cute faces or other designs on your peas. Decorate the pod however you would like. You could also make one of the peas with a bit of wire so it hangs out of the pod. One of my peas has the illuminati triangle on it. Feel free to get creative with the face and designs on your peas.

Clear Coat or Glaze

Nail polished may be used to preserve your three peas in a pod if you used acrylic paint for the details. However, if you used a permanent marker, do not seal it. The ink will run and ruin the peas. You may also use sculpey polymer glaze like this stuff you can buy here, however I have not personally worked with it and cannot guarantee that it is good or not. Try at your own risk.

Are you bored at home? Here are some easy and fun crafts teenagers can make from things laying around the house!

Kawaii pencil cup



You may remember I did a DIY very similar to this, but a Pikachu. I was inspired by this creation byRed Ted Blog,and I encourage you to try it! It is fun and simple, but quite adorable. Remember to be careful if you use a sharpie to draw on it that you do not add a clear coat, as this can make the ink run and turn your kawaii into creepy.

Galaxy print everything

I applaud anyone who can get this right off the bat. Galaxy art is complicated and does not always do exactly what you want it to. Be patient and don’t give up! This post by The Funny Beaver teaches you about how to galaxy print just about anything. And remember, whatever you paint is YOUR galaxy, don’t expect it to be accurate or look like someone else’s. Use colors that are different than the basic galaxy colors, like maybe this red, gold, and orange. Make something special. 

Wear your element

These little bottle charms byMomDotcan be turned into pendants and worn, and remember it doesn’t just have to be specific elements. In case you don’t have any glass bottles, you can find them here. You can put anything in there, like glitter, beads, small charms, etc. You can also paint small patches of white, blue, and purple on the inside with a Q tip and seal it well with a clear coat, let it dry overnight, and then add black paint mixed with water and glitters into the bottle for a galaxy effect.

Paint a feather

This is very a simple tutorial byJewe Blog.You put the paint on the feather in whatever design you like. It could become a pretty necklace or part of a wallhanging. You can add glitter while the paint is wet and/or add it to the bottom of a dreamcatcher. Speaking of which..

DIY Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are fairly easy to make if you have patience! This post from The Whootshows you how to make a pretty dreamcatcher. They do take a bit of practice. It’s okay if you don’t have a perfect dreamcatcher right off the bat. Make a few until you get the hang of it! They make great gifts and look pretty.

Make a batch of slime

And if you feel up to making a bit of a mess, you could always make some slime! This video by Kawaii Craftstells you how to make the BEST slime! Remember to be careful when handling borax, Try using some Tideinstead. And I recommend you take off any rings and make sure that your hair is put up if it is long. Borax can be a very toxic hazard, and can burn your skin and cause serious problems. My favorite glue to use is Elmer’s clear glue!