Dragons are fairly easy to draw. This dragon doodle tutorial will show you how to doodle a dragon curled around a tower.

What you need:

Draw Your Dragon’s Base lines

Start by using your ruler to help you make two straight lines that are vertical on the paper. Draw the curve of the dragon by drawing a slithery shape over the castle, making sure the top part is sticking out off of the castle. Make two lines on top that are parallel on the castle with little boxes. Add the two triangles leading down to the lines to make it a smoother transition. Draw lightly so that any erasing done is completely gone from the page.

Draw the Castle for your Dragon Doodle

The window is a dome shape with very little blocks around it. You can also use circles instead of blocks. The base of the castle has rocks that help hold it steadily in place. Stained glass can be drawn in the window to make it look more magical. Erase about a half an inch around where the line where the dragon spine is on top of the castle, so the dragon has room to be fat and dragon-like. Remember the dragon is curling around the tower, so every other line should be behind the castle, or erased completely.

 Draw the Dragon

The dragon is fat and lazy and as long as you bring it a burger, you may pass. Really emphasize this point by making him look like a fat anaconda that don’t want none. His face should resemble that of an angry turtle with a forked tongue and a dental problem. Make sure the lines are even and when it curves around the castle tower, the line also curves as a snake would curl around a branch. Both front paws should be hanging onto the top of the tower and the other foot should just be dangling in the air. The back fin should just be like a cheap twisted up ribbon krazy glued onto the back of the beast.

Finish Your Dragon Doodle

You may color him in or leave him blank. If you would like to add scales, simply draw little dome shapes all over his body and fill them in with color. You could also add wings that curve around the castle in a hog, because he is fat and scared to fall off.

This Escape the Classroom key was made from polymer clay and can easily be sculpted at home. It features a dragon in the top part of the key, and the key is a good prop for photo shoots or a ridiculously large pendant. However, it is quite fragile so I do not recommend wearing it as an actual pendant. Craft with caution.

What you need:

Step 1: Trace and Make the Tin Foil Base of the Giant Key

Start by tracing a picture of the key as big as you would like it to be on a piece of wax paper. This will be the template and is safe to bake. The sharpie also will not bleed through the wax paper. So make the core pieces out of tin foil for stability. Simply crush tinfoil up in the shape of the pieces but slightly smaller so the clay wraps securely around it.

Step 2: Polymer Clay Part

Once the foil parts are done, sculpt the clay around all the pieces, make the flat pieces in the middle and attach. For the base pieces, wrap the pieces in tin foil and use clay where needed to make the shapes. Make the unlocky part of the key by rolling some polymer clay about a quarter of an inch directly on the sharpie outline of it on the parchment. When you flip it over, it will have the outline that you can cut around with a boxcutter. Smooth any edges. Make sure the top part of the key will have a place to securely glue onto the top of the key base.

 Sculpting the Top of the Giant Key

For the dragon in the middle of the key, I used the same method. Sculpt the dragon and then the rest of the giant key, attaching the dragon by the head, tail, and front paw to the rest of the key, all which must be sculpted directly on the wax paper. After the top of the key is sculpted, put the pieces all together in the oven at 275 F for about 15 minutes. Attach the cooled pieces with glue. Spray paint the key silver with spray paint for a lovely finish.