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This is part one of a gorgeous lion mosaic. If worked on consistently, this piece should take about two weeks to recreate. Be prepared to get cut, as no glass project is complete without at least a few little scratches on your fingertips. What you will need (about a $300 dollar is required) Big frame, preferably oval and guilded Gold mirror glass Regular mirror glass Dark brown transparent glass A tan and white mixed piece
Shrinky Dinks are flat charms made from plastic that are easy to make and fun to wear, perfect for a rainy day craft for boys and girls alike. What you will need Number 6 plastic Hole punch Sharpie set Oven Parchment paper or tin foil Scissors An image of something four times as big as you want the charm What Will not Work This little cupcake was the result of a tragic accident. The cupcake
Watercolors are fun to play with, but sometimes they can be a little uncooperative or not vibrant enough. Here is how to make a watercolor set of your own- that fits in a Altoid’s tin. What you will need Dry powdery pastels in black, orange, yellow, red, purple, blue, and green Rubbing alcohol Dropper Small stirring stick or toothpick Old EOS container bottom 7 old caps from normal lip balms, such as Chapstick Exacto or

DIY Custom LPS Unicat Custom

Posted by Torch on July 2, 2018
Category: animals, Clay
I recently found an old LPS that had fake hair and was, in my opinion, very ugly. In this tutorial, I will show you how I made this sad little cat look fantastic. This Littlest Pet Shop Cat Unicorn Custom was inspired by real unicorns. What you will need  Hard as nails by sally Hansen Crayola air dry clay, the kind like mud Fine paint brush Gold paint Yellow paint Light pink paint Red paint
This polymer clay shrimp sushi makes a great addition to any dollhouse, charm bracelet, or backpack. Very easy to make, and cute too. What you will need Sculpey sample kit Dotting tools Exacto Patience Hard as nails by Sally Hansen Making the Shrimp Sushi Plate To make the plate of the polymer clay shrimp sushi, start off with a ball of Sculpey translucent clay and flatten it out, cutting it into a rectangle. Pinch the