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This notebook looks almost good to eat, and is much easier to make than normal chocolate. This fun and easy DIY notebook cover is sure to make all your friends question your sanity. Materials Cheap notebook Puffy paint in: Red Yellow Light brown Black Paint brush White acrylic paint Sponge brush Cardboard which you can get when you buy something from Amazon Shot glass for mixing paint Step 1: Prime the DIY Notebook Cover Start
Watermelon is a refreshing treat in the summer, and can be eaten in a few different ways, such as frozen into ice cubes and gnawed on. This watermelon slice charm looks good enough to eat, and makes an adorable accessory. Materials Wire Pliers Light green, dark green, black, translucent, red, and pastel pink Sculpey Chain Step 1: Gather the Materials to Make a Watermelon Slice Charm Start by rolling out little balls of each color
On Instagram, I noticed a thing that seems to get a lot of love is polymer clay plushies and drawings of plushies that look adorable and lovable. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a teddy bear in under an hour. What you need Chapstick container Round nail polish bottle Pencil Eraser Prismacolor black marker Brown pencil Red pencil Step 1: Head and Torso of your Teddy Bear Drawing Start by drawing the head
Reading is very fun, and most people nowadays read on their phones, Ipads, or some sort of e-reader. But for those of us who still enjoy the smell and feel of a real book but can never find their bookmarks, here is a cheap, easy and fun way to make one with simple, recycled, and non-toxic materials. Bookmark Materials Glue Markers A take-out container lid Acrylic paint Glitter Step 1: Prepare the Lid for your
So, after tinkering around for a month or two and a bit of researching, I learned how to make galaxies in a jar. Here is my simple tutorial for how I made my galaxy jar. Galaxy Jar Materials A jar Glitter (silver, blue, copper, purple, iridescent) Cotton swabs Black paint Blue metallic paint Pastel paint (pink) Water Shot glasses Pink metallic paint Multifunction tool Step 1: Set up to make the Galaxy Jar Start by