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Beanie Boos can be found all over the world, and originated in the UK. Anyone who has seen beanie boos in store know they are not always in the best condition. Oftentimes these poor stuffed friends land on the floor, get thrown, have snot wiped on them or other gross things. Doesn’t that sound just lovely? Yeah, not really. This post is about how to clean various types of beanie babies, fix their eyes, and
With two hours and a massive block of Sculpey, anything is possible. Here is how to make a cool dragon head which is perfect for jewelry or just as a decoration. What you will need Sculpey Wire Foil Glass Coke Bottle Cookie sheet Small glass jar Dotting tools Rubbing alcohol 2 hours of time at least Parchment paper   Preparing your Work Area Start by covering your pan in wax or parchment paper. Working directly
I was messing around and accidentally made a weird shade of brown. It occurred to me this brown was the perfect color of dirt. I remembered the forest has dirt. Therefore, this little dragon was made. Science at its finest. What you will need Knowledge of a Wyvern VS Dragon Sculpey Kit Patience Rubbing alcohol Paper plate Pan Tin foil Clean Workspace When working with polymer clay, the first thing you should always do is
If you remember my polymer clay ducky tutorial, this is a quick and fun craft to do with your tiny friend. Even duckies need proper habitats. What you will need: Blue glitter Iridescent glitter A rock Sticky gems A big bottle of Elmer’s clear glue and the inner cap that comes with it Stirring stick Resealable container Tiny plastic succulents More glitter Step 1: Mix your Poison Start by dumping a lot of blue and
I tend to sculpt a lot of dragons, but they are just so cool I can’t help it. Here is how I made this little pink clay sea dragon to sleep on any stack of papers as a paperweight or on a shelf. What you will need Sculpey kit Dotting tools Acrylic rolling pin Hands Rubbing alcohol An oven Pan Foil Working on a clean Surface Start off by putting the foil on the pan.