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Disorganized pencils, missing markers, dull pencil sharpeners, and of course, trash cans full of rejected art attempts are all part of an artist’s life. But the clutter and chaos does not have to be such a huge problem. Gone are the days of not finding all of your stuff to take with you on a trip to draw scenery, or the struggle of your white pastel or pencil ruined by all the colors in your
After many failed attempts, I found a cheap and successful way to make a small cage that is perfect for stuffed animals and Halloween decorations. This diy birdcage is made from simple things most people have around their homes, except for maybe the bundle of chop sticks, which can be substituted with wooden dowels or skewers. This cage even locks, in case you have a special doll you want to protect or imprison. What you
Halloween may be over, but werewolves are always in style. This LPS custom werewolf is made out of a very bad fake- can you believe it? This LPS took an afternoon to make, but the results are worth it. His paws are almost skeletal, and he has a cute little moon in his ear. Here is how I made him with just acrylic paint and clear coat. What you will need A fake LPS wolf
Christmas is coming up fast, and putting up a tree can easily fall on the back burner with busy holiday hours and seasons. This gorgeous White Christmas Tree looks like it came right out of the Southern Living catalog. This tree came pre lit, and I highly recommend a pre lit tree to save a lot of time and effort. This Christmas tree took an afternoon to put up, and the results are worth it.
Recently we have been struggling to make bows. Bows can be challenging to make in a pretty way without making huge mistakes. Luckily, the Bow Maker is here to save us all. The Bow maker allows you to easily make bows, and once the first bow is mastered, the other bows are just variations of the same bow. What you will need Bow maker Rubber mallet Ribbon in white and silver, three 25 ft rolls