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Dragons are awesome, and nothing makes a dragon happier than a nice hot bowl of ramen noodles. This easy to sculpt piece requires no resin and can be done in about an hour minus drying time. The Polymer Clay Dragon Noodles bowl can easily be made in a charm by just twisting a bit of wire into a loop and sculpting the tail to go around and adding a jump ring once your dragon is
So recently I got a cool new apple watch with a really interesting charger- it’s magnetic and just sticks to the back of the watch. Two hours later, your watch is ready to go. But the charger doesn’t like to stay up on whatever surface you put it on. Obviously the only solution to this problem is to spend all afternoon sculpting something to hold your charger instead of finishing your homework, and a dragon

LPS OOAK Donkey Custom

Posted by Torch on February 4, 2019
Category: LPS, Quick Crafts
Recently, I have not done any custom tutorials, so I decided to paint this little Fake LPS Donkey who was in dire need of a makeover. This LPS OOAK Donkey was painted in colors somewhat more natural, obviously donkeys are not shiny in real life but they certainly aren’t mint green either. This special donkey took a lot of time and was painted over about three days. What you will need Dotting tool White paint

Make your Own Zelda Leg Armor

Posted by Torch on January 30, 2019
Category: Costumes
Armor can be hard to make, especially for the legs. And even if you have the perfect leg armor idea, it can be hard to bring to life. This tutorial will take a bit of time, but in the end will be so worth it. This leg armor base is perfect for cosplays or party costumes, and is fairly inexpensive to make compared to a Worbla alternative. What you will need one millimeter thick foam
Gauntlets can be a real pain to make, and hard to wear. This tutorial will show you how to make a gauntlet just like Zelda from Hyrule Warriors wears. Hyrule Zelda’s costume is not complete without the proper armor, and this is a step in the right direction. This arm band is adjustable for any size arm. What you will need Thin Elastic Fasteners Thick 4 millimeter foam Gold spray paint Hot glue gun Pencil