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Swimmable mermaid tails are absolutely amazing to swim in, as they make you feel lightweight and very fast in the water. This guide will help you figure out what the best plan is and see if mermaiding is really a hobby you feel is worth taking up. Parts of a Mermaid Tail and how they Work Together There are two main piece of the mermaid tail, the skin and the monofin. Some tails have side
This kawaii broken heart dragon is a sad little friend that just needs a hug and does not take up much room. Here is how I sculpted her in about an hour. What you will need: Dotting tool Sculpey kit Hands Razorblade Oven Foil Pan Wire Pliers Main Body of the Broken Heart Dragon To start, take some lavender clay and roll it out to make along tear drop shape. Make sure to smooth it
On the internet I noticed a lack of tutorials for doll and stuffed animal cages, so I decided to make one. Here is how I made a dollhouse cage in less than an hour. What you will need: Stuffed animal or doll for size Popsicle sticks Long sticks Plastic Canvas Hot glue gun Hot glue sticks A surface to work on that will not melt or burn Ruler or tape measure Scissors Measuring the Plush
This polymer clay shrimp sushi makes a great addition to any dollhouse, charm bracelet, or backpack. Very easy to make, and cute too. What you will need: Sculpey sample kit Dotting tools Exacto Patience Hard as nails by Sally Hansen Making the Shrimp Sushi Plate To make the plate of the polymer clay shrimp sushi, start off with a ball of Sculpey translucent clay and flatten it out, cutting it into a rectangle. Pinch the
Anyone who uses makeup knows the struggle of dropping an expensive eyeshadow or powder foundation and having it shatter into a million pieces inside the compact. Don’t have a funeral yet—this is completely fixable. Here are three helpful tricks for anyone interested in makeup. 1: How to Improve Lip Gloss When your best friend picks out a lip gloss she thinks will look good on you, but you realize it looks kind of like something