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This easy and simple tutorial will help you create a majestic phoenix with pastels or, if you prefer, colored pencils. Keep in mind you will need about 10 to 12 pencils or pastels ranging in shades of red to orange to yellow in order to create this piece. You will need Kneaded eraser Hair spray to seal in your creation Pastel kit, I recommend a kit with a lot of variety or a big set
How to make peas in a pod
These little peas are the perfect kawaii accessory for any charm bracelet. This is a very simple and easy to follow tutorial for three little pea pod friends. What you will need: Light green sculpey Dark green scupley OR white sculpey, light and dark green paint, and krazy glue Sharpie or black paint Roller Parchment Small pan skewer Step One: Making the Peas For the three peas in a pod, soften the light green clay
This bleeding and broken emo heart is fun and easy to draw. You’ll learn that hearts are not as difficult to draw as you think, once you break down the shape. You will need Pencil Kneaded eraser Paper Pastel set, this is the one you see me using in this post About half an hour Please note- Pastels can be rather messy to work with, especially the powdery ones. The dust can get everywhere. If

Make your own Giant Outdoor Chess Set

Posted by Torch on March 21, 2018
Category: Quick Crafts
Perfect for harry potter fans and chess players alike, this easy-to-make giant chess set is perfect for taking to the park for a giant chess match or for parties. What you will need: Foamboard in black An exacto Chalk This PDF template Cutting surface Scotch tape Sanding block The checkerboard out of this outdoor lawn checkers kit Preparing your Giant Chess Templates Once you have downloaded the PDF, you will find the silhouette of a
Welcome back to my Five Nights at Freddy’s phone guy mask tutorial. If you did not read part one, please do not continue any further as this post will not be of much use to you. You can check out part one on my blog page. Making the phone of your phone guy mask For this you will need some cardboard tubes, I used two toilet paper tubes and a paper towel tube, however you