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Do you ever just feel bored? Did your mother tell you to go do something that does not involve your phone, so you switched to your laptop to continue stalking Instagram? You may need help. Here are 6 of my favorite Activities to do When Bored. Start an Herb Garden Herb gardens are easy to grow and maintain, and can even happen right on your windowsill in small pots. This is a great activity to
I have this old Blue Jewelry Box with sentimental value and I thought it looked a little gnarly. With a bit of acrylic paint, a mirror, and some love I made this old jewelry box look almost as good as new. If you are attempting to fix a different kind of jewelry box, result, color, and the process itself may vary. I love mixing custom shades of paint and restoring things, so this project was
Bakeable clays, such as polymer clay, are often the best clay for sculpting at home without a kiln. Sculpey is a soft clay to work with that bakes tough and waterproof. This little shark is adorable and ready to take a bite out of any ship coming his way. This fun, simple, and easy DIY is a great place to start and experiment with different techniques and tools for polymer clay, as his environment is
Shoulder Zelda Armor Costume pieces are a must in many cosplays and Halloween costumes. Craft foam can be an inexpensive way to pull together a pretty cosplay. This piece takes about two hours to complete and allows mobility for the user. The fasteners allow the armor to move with the user and hold it together with ease. What you will need Exacto Cutting mat Gold spray paint Butcher paper Fasteners Elastic Thick Foam sheets Hot
This tiny polymer clay cake looks good enough to eat. With pretty strawberry icing and roses galore, this simple yet elegant cake is the perfect addition to any dollhouse. In this tutorial I will show you how I learned to liquify polymer clay in order to make a batter-like consistency. This process can be easy to make a mistake on, so please follow carefully. What you will need Polymer Clay in white, red, gold, and