How to Draw A Doodle Cat

Posted by Torch on May 4, 2018
Category: drawing
Cats are one of the easiest things to learn to draw. Lately, I have seen a lot of tutorials on drawings of cats based off of the letter “N.”  Here’s an easy drawing tutorial of kitty with a bit of corruption.  What you need: Paper Pencil Eraser, preferably kneaded Draw the Cat’s Head and Body Lines Start off by making a candy corn shaped head with rounded edges. This may take a few tries to
This is a very easy and simple tutorial for basic polymer clay cane making. You could also make a poop emoji by just using brown clay in a triangle shape instead of making it with a heart. You will need: Parchment Red Sculpey Purple Sculpey Hands Toothpick Roller Exacto Rubbing Alcohol Make the Middle Heart Shape Start by sculpting a very thick heart shape from polymer clay. For a small inch and a half thick
You can turn your old Littlest Pet Shop toys into creepy, scary ghosts with just a bit of paint and acetone. This is a great craft for bored children and teens alike. What you will need: White paint Red paint Possibly glitter Black paint– this one is really amazing, do check it out! Acetone Q tips Glass bowl An old LPS  (Littlest Pet Shops) or plastic toy, such as a Barbie Fine tip paintbrush Remove
This Escape the Classroom key was made from polymer clay and can easily be sculpted at home. It features a dragon in the top part of the key, and the key is a good prop for photo shoots or a ridiculously large pendant. However, it is quite fragile so I do not recommend wearing it as an actual pendant. Craft with caution. What you need: A large amount of polymer clay Tinfoil Knife Parchment paper
Have you ever wanted to wear a lollipop, but it was just too sticky? Then let this simple and easy tutorial guide you through how to make your own sugar free and totally wearable polymer clay lollipop. What you will need Shiny white Sculpey clay Metallic red polymer clay shiny silver Sculpey clay Metallic teal polymer clay slivery bronze polymer clay Metallic light blue polymer clay Normal white polymer clay Translucent Sculpey Polymer clay glaze