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Self portraits often do not look like the person who created them. In this project, we will sort of make an art piece that almost could be mistaken for us, but is sort of not an accurate representation. Instead of admitting this piece is not accurate, we will instead say it is stylized and it will sort of be its own thing. What you will need Watercolor set Colored pencils Kneaded eraser Normal pencil Watercolor
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In this post, we will be adding color and wrapping up our Little Red Riding Hood drawing that was posted just this Monday. If you have not seen the post, here is part one for you to check out. I very highly recommend reading part one before checking out part two, as this will lead to less confusion. What you will need Brush pen Micron pen set Watercolor set Pencil Watercolor paper Watercolor brush Working
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Little Red Riding Hood is a fascinating childhood story that really makes for good drawing inspiration. In this piece, which is a mix of pencil, ink, and watercolor, these two characters are not exactly as the story describes. This version of Little Red Riding Hood features a snake wearing a mouse mask in front of a little mouse out picking wildflowers for her grandma. What you will need Micron pen set Watercolor kit Watercolor brush
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LPS Dachshunds are often hard to find and real ones cost quite a bit of money. This pet in particular is a little guy who I found in a lot of LPS on eBay. He still has a bit of work to be done on the body, but so far he looks really cool and I really wanted to post him. What you will need A good quality thin brush Ceramcoat in red, white, yellow,
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Butterflies are really pretty little creatures, but they can be really hard to draw with their wings open. Here is how I drew a cute little butterfly with only ink pens, and with fairly symmetrical wings. This craft should take around an hour to complete. What you will need Ink pen White out gel pen Paper – this is the exact notebook I used How to Draw a Butterfly Body The body of the butterfly
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On Monday, we started a really cool mixed media piece based on an article about saving a specific rainforest. Today we will be finishing and improving this piece, to make it your own and more interesting. What you will need Watercolor set Paint brush Water Watercolor brush Acrylic paint Micron pens Washing over the Stone Wall with Grey Start by heavily watering down the black watercolor paint and spreading it out very thinly, so that
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This rainforest represents the expansion of the world’s largest tropical rainforest, Serriana de chiribiquete. This rainforest took several different mediums to create, and the overall finished project is pretty messy looking up close. This piece took a lot of time to layer the watercolor paint, so do give yourself a good amount of time to dry between coats. What you will need Watercolor set Watercolor brush Acrylic paint in green and black Watercolor pencils Water
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Last time we saw the Oogie Boogie Ducky, he had his base color, a few stitches, and a worm horn. If you missed the first part of the Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie duck, go flip through that post. Without seeing the first part, this second part will make very little sense. What you will need Hot glue Half complete ducky Black paint Glow in the dark paint Sharpie Paint brush Parchment paper to set
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This absolutely awesome little ducky looks just like Oogie Boogie, which is quite a step up from his old ducky form. Complete with a little worm tongue, this creepy duck is super fun to make and a great addition to any bathtub. Make sure to seal him good before taking him for a swim. What you will need Tan paint Black paint Brushes Hot glue gun Patience Strong glue Yellow paint Sponge brush ducky Painting
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Last time we saw this little pony, it was about half finished, with painted hooves, fur, and mane. If you missed out on part 1, go check it out before reading this post, as this post will make little sense without reading that one first. If you already read that post, this post will be the finish. What you will need The paint in white, pink, purple, and black Paintbrushes Dotting Tools Patience Spray Sealant
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