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How to DIY a No Sew Corset

Posted by Torch on December 26, 2018
Category: Costumes
Halloween may be over, but cosplays are always in season. This is a simple tutorial to make a corset in about 20 minutes, and this corset can be adjusted for anyone and for any costume that needs it. This corset requires no boning, and therefore is just for appearance and will not squish your insides into a tiny form. This corset pattern is perfect for female pirate costumes, medieval costumes, cosplays, and of course, Zelda

Grey and White LPS cat Paint Custom

Posted by Torch on December 24, 2018
Category: animals
LPS are some of the most fun old toys to customize, and customs can sell for quite a bit. This custom LPS was done on a fake base, and seems quite simplistic. This LPS took all day to paint and blend, but the result was worth it. This LPS was bought in a bag of 20 fakes for under 10 dollars, so messing this LPS  custom up was no big deal. What you will need
Cookies are awesome, but so hard to make from polymer clay. In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily and quickly make a whole batch of polymer clay cookies in under 30 minutes. The secret to the most perfectly crispy and yummy looking cookie charms is eye shadow. What you will need Yellow polymer clay White polymer clay Brown polymer clay Makeup brush set Yellow pigment Brown pigment Glittery eyeshadow stuff Baking pan

How to Dye A Zelda Skirt

Posted by Torch on December 17, 2018
Category: Costumes, Quick Crafts, sewing
Zelda is a super fun character to cosplay, but sometimes it is hard to find a cloth that has the right gradient and also a decent flow. This tutorial is how to make the Hyrule Warriors Zelda skirt using Rit Dye. Creating a layered effect like this in knit is easy and can be done with little effort. This technique can be used to do a layered dye pattern on sweaters and shirts too. What
Zelda from Hyrule Warriors has some armor covering her chest. This armor is somewhat intricate, but it can be made. The only downside to making this craft is that posture is everything for the armor to sit right. Chest armor is an important piece of many cosplays, and this tutorial can be used for a wide variety of variations of chest Armor. What you will need Coconut bra Foam Hot glue Gold spray paint Old