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Candle making is easy and fun, and can be made in your microwave. This a great way to use up old candles and crayons, and make great gifts. This craft is pretty fast and should take no more that an hour of time altogether, excluding the wax taking its time to cool. What you will need Old white candle Blue fat crayon from Crayola Yellow crayon from Crayola Plain white teacup Plastic spoon Boxcutter Chopsticks
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This cute little grey pony was painted to be simple and to test a few theories. She looks much different compared to my much brighter customs, but I think she looks pretty cute. Her markings are striped since she used to be a zebra, and I wanted to represent that on her new form. What you will need Fine Paint brushes Grey paint Pink paint Purple and black acrylic White acrylic Dotting tools Setting up
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This craft I did in my weekly art class, and I thought I would write about it to maybe be a fun kid’s project to teach about marine life. This craft will get really messy, so it’s a good idea to do this outside or somewhere with lots of table protectors. Always make sure your paint is nontoxic if you are dealing with small children that may try to eat it. What you will need
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Recently I got the famous LPS Collie 1262 online, sadly she was a fake. Luckily, I got a good fake and I knew how to make her seem very real. Here are the steps I took to make my LPS Collie look real with just a few minutes of work and basic knowledge of the pet. What you will need Possibly sand paper for neck seams Fake LPS Collie Clear Nail Polish White Acrylic Paint
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Making crafts is super fun, but photographing can be quite a challenge at first. This post is a pile of information I have picked up in photographing my crafts. Even if your only camera is an iPhone, you can still take super fabulous photos worthy of being on pinterest without million-dollar props. What you will need Grass Sunlight Cloth of some sort Table Random assortment of things from around the house like spoons, coasters, and
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Last time we saw Mettaton EX, he was in pieces in the oven and has no facial features to speak of. We will be finishing up Mettaton, painting his body and face and sculpting those lovely boots he is known for. What you will need to finish up Hot glue Parchment Pink paint Black paint Silver paint Fine paintbrushes Nail Polish Preparing to Finish Mettaton EX Put down fresh parchment paper and clear off a
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Undertale is a fantastic game with a crazy fandom. One of the main boss characters is none other than everybody’s favorite killer robot, Mettaton EX. This Doll Makeover was my first Monster High Makeover, but I think he seriously improved from his former body and became something much cooler. Be prepared to test the boundaries of what mediums can really do with this craft. What you will need Sculpey in hot pink, black, grey and
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Cardinals are known for being vividly red and gorgeous. This cardinal in particular was really fun to paint because of his derpy legs. This tutorial is sort of a “figure it out as you go” tutorial, I had no idea what I was doing and just sort of shaped the blobs the way I needed. What you will need Red paint Black Paint White Paint Brown Green Fine and not so fine brushes Canvas Sketching
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LOLbit is a fun but rare character. In sister location, he pops up on the screen on the secret night. He does pop up in other FNAF games, but I forgot which ones. Funtime LOLbit is basically a recolor of Funtime Foxy with a lovely hook. Here is how I drew him, and how you can draw him too. What you will need Pencil—I used an HB Paper Eraser LOLbit for reference, this is not
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After Choco Chip, I learned painting these little plastic ponies was kind of fun. This time I went with a more corrupted approach and made a little pony of darkness. He started off as an unidentified pony and became Night Mare, a terrible pun and a Creepypasta in one. What you will need Plastic pony White paint Black paint Pastel Purple Grey Fine paint brushes Covering your Work Surface Start by laying down newspaper or
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