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This Escape the Classroom key was made from polymer clay and can easily be sculpted at home. It features a dragon in the top part of the key, and the key is a good prop for photo shoots or a ridiculously large pendant. However, it is quite fragile so I do not recommend wearing it as an actual pendant. Craft with caution. What you need: A large amount of polymer clay Tinfoil Knife Parchment paper
Have you ever wanted to wear a lollipop, but it was just too sticky? Then let this simple and easy tutorial guide you through how to make your own sugar free and totally wearable polymer clay lollipop. What you will need Shiny white Sculpey clay Metallic red polymer clay shiny silver Sculpey clay Metallic teal polymer clay slivery bronze polymer clay Metallic light blue polymer clay Normal white polymer clay Translucent Sculpey Polymer clay glaze
Hummingbirds can be a little challenging to draw, with their long beaks and odd body shape. This tutorial will teach you how to draw a cute hummingbird worth showing off and being proud of. What you will need: Sketchpad pencil kneaded eraser Step 1: Drawing the Outlines of the Hummingbird Drawing Start by looking at pictures of real hummingbirds. The head is a small circle shape, the body is a long oval and the tail
Five Nights at Freddy’s is a wonderful series of games by Scott Cawthon that are full of many interesting Easter eggs and funny moments, such as the selection of Exotic Butters. You can make your own Exotic Butters with polymer clay and a little imagination. This tutorial requires a lot of different polymer clay colors, so I recommend buying a kit. What you need: This Sculpey kit Toothpick Clean hands Parchment paper Wire Krazy glue
Do you have sharpies stashed everywhere, from your closet to the fridge? Then you may have a few too many. Here are a few Sharpie crafts to help you use them up before they dry out.  Tie-Dye Fabric For this you will need to purchase rubbing alcohol. Put it into a spray bottle and set it aside. Also use a plastic surface, a binder works well because the angle allows the color to flow as