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Recently, the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida had a lovely homeschool program on Greek Mythology. In one of the activities, we were given a sheet of paper with some ideas for mythological creatures and a block of Crayola Model Magic and were told to make whatever we want. I decided to make a cute little sea dragon out of some red Model Magic. What you will need Model Magic Googly eyes Hands Fingernails Sculpt the
Familiar old games such as Legends of Zelda have pixelated hearts to show your health. If you are feeling tired and low on lives, consider making your own in half an hour. Materials Graph paper Pencil Pen Sharpie Patience Scissors Optionally printer paper Step 1: Find a Heart Almost everyone already has one buried deep in their chest, and if you would like to do an atomically correct heart then be my guest. However, before
Sometimes, you just need a dragon eye. Here is how to make one with Sharpies and nail polish. Materials Silver nail polish Glass beads Sharpie set Clear nail polish Step 1: Draw the Pupil of the Dragon Eye Using a black Sharpie and looking at the glass bead from the top, draw on the bottom of the glass bead to make a thin, snakelike pupil. Draw very small lines to make it look more dragon
So I recently learned a very easy way to make a cape for a plush friend that requires no sewing. This tutorial will walk you through how I made this stuffed animal costume cloak. Materials Felt or some kind of fabric that will not fray Sewing scissors Paper plate A plushie friend, the one used in this tutorial is nicknamed Nutella Sharpie in a visible color, metallic works on most fabric Safety pin Fake gem
This notebook looks almost good to eat, and is much easier to make than normal chocolate. This fun and easy DIY notebook cover is sure to make all your friends question your sanity. Materials Cheap notebook Puffy paint in: Red Yellow Light brown Black Paint brush White acrylic paint Sponge brush Cardboard which you can get when you buy something from Amazon Shot glass for mixing paint Step 1: Prime the DIY Notebook Cover Start