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I learned a very simple way to make a tea cozy for any teapot, and thought I would share it. With a machine this simple and easy project should not take longer than an hour, by hand it will take significantly longer to sew the tea cozy. What you will need Butcher paper Pencil or fabric chalk Pattern weights Muslin Quilted fabric This special rope for sewing Black bias tape Tea pot Tape Quilting clips
Have you ever wanted to be a dragon? Well that dream may be hard to reach, but you can at least make wing ear cuffs. They are actually fairly easy to make, no resin or polymer clay required. What you need Wire Plastic bag Pliers Puffy paint in your preferred color e-6000 krazy glue sharpie popsicle sticks Step one: The Wing Ear Cuff Base Start by sectioning off about 8 inches of wire, doubling it
This adorable sculpey polymer clay charm is easy to make and sure to look fabulous on your bookbag, around your neck, or maybe even on your friend. What you need White sculpey Wire Pliers,you often see me using a multifunction tool like this one. Pink nail polish Black nail polish White nail polish Toothpick Mini Cookie cutter Rolling pin, this one is excellent because it is easy to clean off any residue. Parchment Roll out
Is your Monday off to a bad start? Even if not, these 11 quotes from Yoda will help you get through your week. Remember Yoda’s Debatably Most Common Quote             You can Choose to be Good or Bad. Pick a Path. Control your Emotions and Do Not let Them Speak for you. Kindness is Important. Bigger is not Always Better  Be Observant. My Favorite Quote out of all of These
The medicine wheel is a native American symbol for north, south, east and west. Each color has a different meaning for health, black representing emotional, white being mental, red being spiritual, and yellow being physical. You will need: White sculpey White paint Yellow sculpey Yellow paint Red sculpey Red paint Black sculpey Black paint Something round to cut the base out with Boxcutter Cookie sheet Parchment paper Jump rings Step One: Making the Base of