Most people love stuffed animals, but sometimes too many can gather on your bed and you have no room to sleep. Here is a moderately easy tutorial to make a stuffed animal bed, so that they may hog their own bed and not yours.

What you need

Preparing and Setting up to Make the Stuffed Animal Bed

Before you go any further, make sure you have a fresh pack of hot glue sticks. This craft will take a LOT of hot glue, at least five to ten sticks if not even more. Start heating up the hot glue gun on a safe surface with parental supervision, and make sure to unplug it after you are done crafting. After the hot glue gun has been set up, measure the plush you are making a bed for. The bed should be at least three inches longer than the plush. This allows room for pillows and blankets. Width wise, the bed will be the length of the popsicle sticks.

Glue the Frame of the Stuffed Animal Bed

Glue a bunch of popsicle sticks together like slats until you reach the length required for your stuffed animal. Attach some slats for increased stability on the bottom, so that it will not break like a toothpick under the weight of the plush and its pillows. You may wish to trim the rounded edge off of the popsicle stick to make it more smooth. Go around the edges gluing popsicle sticks on their sides, to make a little sort of crate with really short sides. Glue the legs to the side of the little crate, and add the shelf pieces to the ends of the bed to make a sort of bedframe.


Making the Stuffed Animal Bed Soft and Warm

Put down some hot glue and glue an even amount of stuffing or foam to the inside of the bed. Cut a piece of fabric roughly an inch longer on all sides out and glue it to the sides of the bed, to form a mattress. Wait for it to harden, and then add little pillows and a blanket as you wish to make your plushie friends as cozy as possible.

Most children play with stuffed animals, but there are not a lot of tutorials for making accessories for pretend play with stuffed animals. Most tutorials for pretend play are for dolls instead. Here, I’m making a sleeping bag for a medium-sized stuffed animal. Kids can pretend their stuffed animals are going to a sleep over and need a sleeping bag to join in the fun.


A sweater, preferably fleece





Plushie– this link is to my favorite plushy who is featured in this tutorial!


Measure Your Stuffed Animal

Start by getting your sweater, turning it inside out, and laying it flat down on a surface. Make sure it is one you do not particularly care about mutilating. Lay your plushie friend down on the sleeve. Mine had a cuff that can be folded down, if yours also has that do not include in your measurements if you would like to fold it down after your sleeping bag is made, or cut it off now. Move the plush first, we don’t want a beheading here today. Mark about a half inch longer than the rear of the plush, including the tail.  

Cut the Sleeping Bag Pieces

Move your little plush friend and use the scissors to carefully cut off the sleeve on the line you made with your sharpie. Try to cut as straight as possible. Even up the edge a bit if you struggled to cut the line exact. You may need supervision for this part if you are younger, as sewing scissors are very sharp and can hurt you quite easily.

Sew the Sleeping Bag

Get your needle threaded and knotted, then go to about a quarter of an inch from the edge that you just cut off and sew it closed. You may also need supervision for this bit too, do be very careful not to stab yourself with the needle! I recommend using a regular straight stitch, and then maybe whip-stitching the edge for reinforcement.

Finish Your Plushie’s Sleeping Bag


After you are done sewing the edge, turn the small sleeping bag right side out and you are good to go! Slip your plushie in and he will be warm and secure. You can use the neckline or the base line to make a handle and turn it into a purse! Cut the neckline or the baseline off and in two pieces, then just sew both handles to the sides of the sleeping bag. The rest of your fabric could be used to make them a small blanket, which you make by cutting out a square big enough to wrap around them.